• It says in this essay: But don't plagiarize if you needed it for an essay =X
  • One was a Big Prick and the other was a Pig Brick.....
  • Well Hitler had a great sense of humor and loved cats and sunsets...oh wait that wasn't Hitler. Never mind. (Your best bet is to find a mini bio on each and read them both and see). They were both guys who wanted to rule the World, in World War II. Hitler was a scary monster who took over Germany and waged war on the whole world. Mussolini was a wannabe world dictator in Italy at the time. Hitler tricked Mussolini into thinking he'd share control of the world with him,, what an idiot he was if he actually believed Hitler!
  • 4-8-2017 Hitler was Der Fuhrer and Mussolini was Il Duce.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No no, it was spelled ILL DOUCHE, wasn't it? (Well, that's what Adolph called him behind his back.) (oh yea, then he'd laugh and laugh, and he and Goering would throw darts at a picture of Musolini's face and Himmler would draw a little mustache on it, and they'd smoke big long cigars and talk about how Roman soldiers screwed each other, and plans for carving up bodies to make lamp shades from the skin. You know, things all guys talk about ! O_o (There is some possibility the history book I'm quoting may have been edited a little, by someone.) ( But ya never know.
  • Adolph Hitler was Austrian, Mussolini was Italian. However, both Hitler and Mussolini combined the Government structure of President and Chancellor: for Germany and King and Prime Minister: for Italy, into 1 and they both held that 1 seat in both Countries. Mussolini was now, King and Prime Minister and Hitler was now, President and Chancellor. The same holds true for Japan's Government of WWII as well.
  • One had a mustache the other one didn't.

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