• Pros: If you have internet access, get on AB. Cons: You're in a chair all day and get no exercise.
  • Pros - none I can think of. Cons - It'd be boring. It'd be tedious. I wouldn't enjoy mindless desk work. I'd find myself staring at the clock, waiting for each second to pass so I could go home, sleep and begin the next day of clerical drudgery.
  • Pros: Money Cons: It's work (just got home from working all day from 9am yesterday - 1:30am this morning) Sigh.
  • Pros -- A regular paycheck can't be minimized. Cons -- Neither can we minimize freedom to do what you wish, as long as you can afford to pay for that freedom. :)
  • It's awesome Miri. The only people who think it's boring are probably flipping burgers and want to look like their job is more adventurous. But if you're like me, and you love being comfortable, then you want that job!
  • pros: easy, get to chill, income ain't bad. cons: gets boring...REALLY fast haha i know, i had a job like that haha
  • Well, it is usually cool in summer and warm in winter. But, there is sometimes more stress and you get little opportunity to "work it off". I work out on "the floor" in manufacturing. There is stress there, too, but you are usually moving around and you can yell expletives without being heard....
  • If you are working from the office workspace all day then you do not get any exercise. You have to continuously do desk work. You can go for an alternative like coworking spaces if possible. At the coworking spaces people from different organizations come to work. It has the facilities like fitness classes, library where you can read, loung where you can relax, events hall where the coworking events are held and fully stocked kitchen. You can take a break from work to attend the fitness classes like yoga. One of the coworking spaces offering such facilities is the Mosaic.
  • its good if you have a bad knee and need a sit down job for that, wish someone would give me a job like that

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