• Toyota and Honda are built to last,easy to repair and have good resale value.I've had 5 toyotas,starting in 1978.The biggest trick to good service is to service the car religiously.Oil and filter changes ,transmission service, tune ups,etc. The car will last up to 2000,000 mi or more.Lexus,and Acura,are Toyota and Honda's High end cars which are also very good but are more pricey.
  • The difference is in the people who make the Toyotas and Hondas. They care. I had rather drive a five year old Toyota, than a brand new Chrysler anything. You can't make a new automobile out of junk refrigerators and expect them to last. Lets face it, the Japanese have it all together when comes to building an automobile. Consumer Reports Magazine lists just about all Toyotas and Hondas as no. 1. check it out.
  • get a volvo one of the safest cars they don't break down no one's gonna steal it easy
  • I wouldn't say that. I had a 1986 Honda CRX that had the unibody frame completely rusted through only inches from where the panhard arm connected. That was in 1995, the car was only 9 years old. In PA, it's illegal to arc or gas weld any part of a unibody type frame. It would not pass state inspection like that so i sold it.
  • I had a little Nissan that was an absolute workhorse. I drove the hell out of it with minimal repairs for like 12 years. And it was 10 years old when I bought it. If you want cheaper repairs, cheaper and more available parts, good gas mileage and good reliability, buy a Japanese car for now

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