• I would get a second opinion.
  • A guy thought all your problems were down to PMS... God, what a surprise!!!
  • what an ass! it's hard to find a therapist that you click with, don't give up. it took me a few years to find one that i really like.
  • I'm sorry you've had such bad luck. Just keep trying. Eventually, you'll find a good fit.
  • Email me and I will be your therapist. Therapists that think a license makes them a good listener are all idiots.
  • Sorry, if I had a good answer, I'd certainly provide it. Just keep trying is about all I can say. I think eventually you'll find someone good... they've got to be out there.
  • Keep trying until you find one that you click with, just because someone is licenced it doesn't mean they are all great ;0) Good luck
  • If you have an employee assistance program through work, they can refer you to someone really good. (worked for me) Other than that, word of mouth.
  • Just keep looking, I'd say. I got pretty lucky with mine. She was recommended to me though. Try to get a recommendation from someone you trust. That is probably the best way to find a good one.
  • The best therapists are your friends and family. A good professional is one that will help you to find yourself. Only you will be able to make decisions about your life and a therapist should in no way tell you what to do. Neither should they give "quick diagnosis" or make lightly of your problems, as you seem to have indicated. That is a form of malpractice, or at the very least condensending. A good therapist will help you focus on your specific problem (instead of your life history, unless important). A good therapist will help you discover all your options. Good luck finding one. They have big egos and expensive tastes.
  • 1) Why do you think that you had such terrible experiences? When you are starting a therapy, it can be better not to start too quickly, so as to first evaluate if you can work with that person (and they can work with you). If you start to give too much of yourself too quickly, it could be a terrible experience if you find out at a later stage that you absolutely cannot work with that person. For instance, you friends or people that you trust can certainly help you to find a good therapist, but what works for them will not necessarily work for you. You could also find that a particular kind of therapy is better for you. Anyway, it is very important to get good information before starting. Rely on your intuition, and on the first impression that you get. Even if you find out that you cannot work further with a particular therapist, try to find out if you have learned anything by the way: learn at least from your errors. Don't give up! 2) “How can I find a good counselor or psychotherapist?” "Why I wrote this article How to tell if a therapist is competent, or not What psychotherapy is—and why you need to know The secret that you already know How a good therapist makes you feel safe The perfect therapist Privacy: the essential ingredient Non-judgmental acceptance: you deserve it How to choose a therapist to call How you find out about the therapist Therapist credentials: the truth revealed First contact. Watch out for these red flags! Your first session: what should happen Safety is in the details Now what?" Source and further information: 3) Further information: - "How to Find a Good Therapist: Finding & Evaluating a Private Therapist": - "How to Find a Good Therapist": - "Therapists: How to Find a Good One": - "How to Find a Good Therapist" (avoid the bad ones): - "Finding a Mental Health Specialist: What to Look For and Questions to Ask":
  • Hi Miss Anubis. Ask your friends, maybe they know of a good one. I would get a referral, and possibly talk to one that specializes in your particular problem. And remember that we are always here for you too. : O ) (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • youre just going to have to try different ones until you get a good one

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