• If you let it get to court, at that point is will be too late for an agreement. The court will award the creditor the full amount do + interest + collection costs + attorneys fees (if your credit agreement allows it, which they always do). Once the creditor has a judgment, they will seek involuntary methods of collection. They will place liens on your property. They will garnish your wages. They will empty your bank accounts. It is in your best interest to settle. That way you can pay pennies on the dollar.
  • Let them come and get you. All they can do is give you bad credit. They can't squeeze blood from a stone. If you don't owe THAT much, man up and pay.
  • 1. They'll garnish your wages 2. They'll garnish your bank account(s) 3. They'll put a lien on any property you may have 4. They'll intersect your tax refund (if there's one) 5. They'll confiscate any personal property you may have (auto, boat, jewelry, electronics) Other than, there's not much more they can do
  • They will get a judgement against you, and it will show on your credit report. However, you can't get blood from a turnip, so if you don't have it, you don't it, and it really isn't that much worse than what they probably have on your credit report anyway.
  • i am not sure about california law, but if you offered to make payments, and they refused your offer (and you have proof of your offer and their refusal) you could get out of paying anything. best thing, talk to a lawyer.

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