• Gorrila, by a very obscure band called Sandman.(It's very disturbing, but it's still one of my favourite songs.) It goes something like this. "As I and my lover Lay dreaming in black I see a pale torso By the side of the track The train has slowed down For the people to see And I start to laugh Uncontrolably But it's not this man's death that is making me laugh I'm just wondering 'Where is his other half?' Oh... Oh No... Oh... Oh No... Well I once paid a prostitute, fiftyfive dollars I paid her five more, for making me hollar I bought her a beer We danced for awhile I bought her another For making me smile And when we were finished I bent down and kissed her And I kissed her again For I already missed her. Oh... Oh Yeah... Oh... Oh Yeah... Well I once met a woman Whose face grew thick fur Her husband was handsom And stood next to her And I fell in deep love When I saw how she smiled At her husband who craddled Her young beared child. Oh... Oh No... Oh... Oh No..."
  • Roll Call- Lil Jon and Ice Cube Because of the explicit lyrics and swear words in every sentence the lyrics are here'-Jon-the-Eastside-Boyz/CAF9B59B38DA988A48256F4B00085614 I won't post them on here.
  • I like Queen but this video is so wrong on so many levels. Freddie looks like he is wearing a diaper. The singing is all off key. There is beer on the piano. Freddie prances around the stage and he is barefoot, how unsanitary.
  • "On of My Turns" by Pink Floyd. Creeeeepy!
  • Anything By the band "The Angry Aryans"
  • Ahhh what's that one damn tune called... it's this rap song and the dude is whispering (with which sounds like all he's got)... saying horrible things about smacking women in the face with his genitals... I hear it all the time at the bars that play that kind of garbage (my opinion.. that's all... lol... *hides from the trolls*) people seem to love it and I can't for the life of me figure out why.
  • This song has always disturbed me. Heart; "All I Want to Do Is Make Love To You" It was a rainy night When he came into sight, Standing by the road, No umbrella, no coat. So I pulled up alongside And I offered him a ride. He accepted with a smile, So we drove for a while. I didnt ask him his name, This lonely boy in the rain. Fate, tell me its right, Is this love at first sight? Please dont make it wrong, Just stay for the night. All I wanna do is make love to you Say you will You want me too All I wanna do is make love to you Ive got lovin arms to hold on to So we found this hotel, It was a place I knew well We made magic that night. Oh, he did everything right He brought the woman out of me, So many times, easily And in the morning when he woke all I left him was a note I told him I am the flower you are the seed We walked in the garden We planted a tree Dont try to find me, Please dont you dare Just live in my memory, Youll always be there All I wanna do is make love to you One night of love was all we knew All I wanna do is make love to you Ive got lovin arms to hold on to Oh, oooh, we made love Love like strangers All night long We made love Then it happened one day, We came round the same way You can imagine his surprise When he saw his own eyes I said please, please understand Im in love with another man And what he couldnt give me Was the one little thing that you can All I wanna do is make love to you One night of love was all we knew All I wanna do is make love to you Say you will, you want me too All night long All night long All night long All night long How the heck is this kind of thing something to sing about?
  • cant remember the name but lil'jon,50 cent,eminem, and a few other guys sung or rapped it.we all know how explicit eminems and lil'jons lyrics are so I wont say anymore,the chorus is really bad(I like the song though).
  • Swarm of Plagues by: Nagalfar. I love that song though.
  • Hmmm, possibly "Dirty Hole" by V.A.S.T. It's a fairly disturbing album actually!
  • Always - Saliva it makes me think about my biological father. he is not a nice person!
  • "Father Figure" by George Michael That's all I wanted Something special, something sacred - In your eyes For just one moment To be bold and naked At your side Sometimes I think that you'll never Understand me Maybe this time is forever.. Say it can be That's all you wanted Something special, someone sacred - In your life Just for one moment To be warm and naked At my side Sometimes I think that you'll never Understand me But something tells me together We'd be happy (Baby) I will be your father figure (Oh baby) Put your tiny hand in mine (I'd love to) I will be your preacher teacher (Be your daddy) Anything you have in mind (It would make me) I will be your father figure (Very happy) I have had enough of crime (Please let me) I will be the one who loves you - Until the end of time That's all i wanted But sometimes love can be mistaken For a crime That'sail i wanted Just to see my baby's Blue eyed shine This time i think that my lover Understands me If we have faith in each other Then we can be Strong I will be your father figure Put your tiny hand in mine I will be your preacher teacher Anything you have in mind I will be your father figure I have had enough of crime I will be the one who loves you Until the end of time If you are the desert I'll be the sea If you ever hunger - Hunger for me Whatever you ask for That's what i'll be. . So when you remember the ones who have lied Who said that they cared But then laughed as you cried Beautiful darling Don't think of me Because all i ever wanted It's in your eyes baby, baby And love can't lie. No... (greet me with the eyes of a child) (heaven is a kiss and a smile) Just hold on, hold on I won't let you go, my baby I will be your father figure Put your tiny hand in mine I will be your preacher teacher Anything you have in mind Will be your father figure Have had enough of crime So I am gonna love you Until the end of time Will be your father Will be your preacher 'Ii be your daddy Will be the one who loves you until the end of time
  • Dead Human Collection by Cannibal Corpse.
  • In another younger day I could dream the time away In the universe inside my room And the world was really mine from june to september And if it wasn't really so I was lucky not to know And I was lucky not to wonder why 'cause a pure and golden high is all that I remember A summer fly was buzzin' every night When I was young In the gentle world my childlike senses knew And the world was just my cousin And the wind was just the tongue In the voice my lonely moments listened to And I look at me today all the dreams have gone away And I'm where I never thought I'd be Seein' things I never thought I'd see happen to me And I lay awake at night till the darkness goes to light Hearin' voices callin' out my name Dronin' over and again the same message to me Cryin' who's your partner, who's your darlin', who's your baby now? Who wakes up at night to pull you in It don't matter, you just make her lonely anyhow Don't know why you even try to win
  • "A Little Piece of heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold One of the best, and most disturbing songs i have ever heard...
  • "Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt" By Cannibal Corpse Alive alone now that they've gone dead but unburied I've seen it unfold, terrible scenes of agony Eyes in the darkness Echoing their madness The sights that have passed before them Watching as though it has never happened Now I only listen to what is not spoken Murder, hatred Anger, Savage Killings I have caused more than can be counted orgies of sadism And sexual perversion Virgin Tied to my mattress Legs spread wide Ruptured bowel, yanked From her insides Devirginized with my knife Internally bleeding Vagina, secreting her blood-wet pussy I am eating on her guts I am feeding Mutilated with a machete I fucked her dead body The first and last Your life's only romance My knife's jammed in your ass As you die you orgasm Pass on to the dead Nerve trembling convulsions No longer looking human I never see them, but I know they're there Locked in my subconcious Obscene memories I thought I'd forgotten Haunting unrealities Tear at me Hold her arms Her mouth taped shut Screams unheard Out pour her guts Layers of flesh peeling away Languish in your own decay descriptions of my killings bone chilling Terror, tear, her Virgin cunt Virgins are my victims Their tight interiors I explore Sharpened utensils of torture Now inserted inside of her Sex organs extracted for eating On her liver I am gnawing Forbidden lust for guts Ripped from her cunt Tears of blood cry down her thigh I ram my fist inside her hole From her crotch piss now flows Rectum filled with shit I fucked her emptied body Until she became stiff.
  • ive never heard a disturbing song

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