• Well Blackberry, they warn teens about unprotected sex, using drugs, drinking, reckless behavior... It hasn't stopped em yet :)
  • i dont think it would do any harm...
  • I think everyone has to learn some things by going to the "School of hard knocks". Remembering back when we were young, did you listen 100% to everything an adult told you. I didn't, I wanted to do it and I guess learn the hard way. Though now as an adult I know it would have been easier to listen to the adult and I wouldn't have gotten hurt so much. So I think the answer to this question is "no", sadly enough. +5 great question.
  • It'll do absolutly nothing. Because in the end of it all they'll just do what they want and what they see on t.v
  • Maybe.They should also throw in some lessons in what it takes to pay bills.
  • Sure pump more fear into their lives.
  • Considering the number of students now that fall below par on learning, why add more stuff to the curriculum? I think they need to eliminate a lot of the 'fluff' lessons and focus on the things a person needs to become a productive, useful adult.
  • There are no dropouts allowed in the school of hard knocks. If they could have just got the meaning of that truth through my thick teenage skull, I'd have lived my early years very differently.
  • No one would listen. The thinking is.. bad things can't happen to me.
  • I think it could help some but some would also take it as a joke and just do what the hell they wanted to do but i think it should be available to just see if it would help or not.
  • I think that's a lesson you have to learn the hard way unfortunately. Love is blind until after the fact! I do not think lessons would help, they might actually even hinder and scare children

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