• The general reasons for hair loss given by the medical profession, is as follows, probably in descending order. Heredity factors Ageing Hormonal Imbalance Illness and infectious diseases Nervous disorders Toxic substances Injury and impairment Severe radiation Each of these problems can be a contributory factor towards hair loss, if there is a combination of two or more then the chances of hair loss are increased considerably. look at the site above it explains some reasons why people lose their hair
  • check this site i have used some tips from here and hair are now better
  • You can try any of the home made hair loss remedy for your hair (external). For internal, I suggest you take Shou Wu Pian Pills. It's herbal, safe, and has been used in China for a thousand years. It is slow, but effective. How do I know? because I'm taking the pills and my hair is starting to grow. Good luck!
  • i hope this would be of some help..
  • man it happens to the best of us. i am 28 yrs old and my hair has been falling out slowly for the last year. now to make it better i just shave my head every week so it dont look so bad.
  • I doubt there is any way to stop it. I lost most of my hair while under the care of a physician and a dermatologist. There was nothing they could do to help.
  • maybe you should go see your doctor and find out why thats happening

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