• i was a pretty quiet kid, into my books. didn't really talk all that much. now i talk way too much. but when i was younger i didn't cause alot of trouble, i doubt i ever caused any. besides my whole getting married at 4 thing. parents certainly blew that out of proportion. :)
  • Yes and I've never stopped.
  • No, was always a good quiet guy. Still am. Cheers
  • No we were at school so it was not possible we were not allowed out of school grounds. When we were in our teens we did something very silly luckily we did not get caught. We untied all the yachts in the Marina. It was headlines in the paper the next day. It was not intended as vandalism but that is what the headline said.
  • No way, i was a good kid 0:-)
  • No, I was a pretty good kid. My sister was always getting into enough trouble for the both of us!
  • No, sorry, I was a good kid, well-behaved, rarely in trouble. If I got into trouble it was completely by accident and I was always very sorry and tried to rectify my mistake. I never did guilt very well. I hate the feeling of guilt or shame.
  • I never did. I'm mostly went to school and stayed at home for the most part.
  • Yeah. Two friends and I used to go and do small vandalism to an apartment complex down the street. Things like kicking the head off of sprinklers, shutting off the air conditioner breaker switches in the summer and throwing rocks in the pool.
  • Yes, because I couldnt be tried as an adult : )

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