• No...i think, no,no!! NO!
  • My Mother thought so.
  • experience is the best (and hardest) teacher. first it gives the test, and THEN it gives the lesson.
  • No. Only the experiences including pain make for best teachers. Fear can never make for a good teacher.
  • I go along with the "pain" part, but "fear" is not a good teacher. Most fear clouds the mind and makes it hard to concentrate.
  • No. See, I'll give you an example, all my life, X-ians have been threatening me, harassing me, insulting me and making my life miserable because I have different beliefs as they do. That has taught me to hate them and try to do everything the oposite of what they do. If instead, they would have shown me what they preach and I had seen that they were indeed the loving, caring, non-judmental, happy, peaceful they claim to be, I surely would have crossed the line. So, goes to show you how much their tactics work, eh?
  • No, that isn't a good way of learning. Positive reinforcements work much better whether for a dog or horse or a human. Fear doesn't work unless it's the fear to displease someone you love, like disappointing your parents or friend.
  • No, because the "lessons" only serve to make you more fearful. The very best teacher is experience.
  • For me it is. Some things I only need to experience once. ...then again, there are other things I could experience as often as necessary. ;)
  • What do you think school is for?
  • i have always followed my motto "if it don't kill you then i just makes u stronger"
  • Oh, Hell no. Fear and pain result in trauma, which clouds one's judgment. You've got to LEAD people and encourage them, not drive them.
  • All of life's experiences are lessons. Fear and pain are two emotions we feel not necessarily teach us anything if we choose to not learn from the experience.
  • No! Because fear is an emotion and when people make decisions based on their emotions they normally make irrational and bad decisions. Pain would have to be a good teacher, yes, but fear probably not. I would say that experience and other-people's-wisdom are probably the best teachers.
  • What does not kill us makes us stronger..No, thats bullshit..fear and pain teach alot of negatives...then you have years of burying that crap to get to whats real and then what..well then ya die..LOL :)

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