• all depends on how much Human growth Hormone your body is producing, the test should work once you miss your period..for best results its best to take the pregnancy test with your 1st morning pee which is usually when the hormone levels are the highest.
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  • Generally all urine pregnancy tests can detect HCG (the human growth hormone) as soon as the first day you miss your period (the day your period is due) there are tests designed to be able to determine pregnancy as soon as four days before your period is due, although it is most likely your best bet to wait until your period is due before you test. <BR> to actually answer your question if you are a week late for your period a home pregnancy test SHOULD be able t detect pregnancy, although be aware that there ARE such things as false negatives.
  • If you've missed your period and it's a week late, a regular home pregnancy test from the pharmacy will do just fine. A pregnancy is actually measured from the last day of your last regular period. With a 28 day cycle that would mean 5 weeks pregnant by the time your period is one week late.
  • Once you miss your period, you are usually about 2 weeks along, the baby's heart begins beating about that time.
  • Yes, now they have tests you can use before you even miss your period, a positive is always accurate, a negative might not be.

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