• cheating
  • Are you talking about that series of unsolved torture-homicides?
  • Taking a cookie without asking.
  • I confess. I'm almost 65 years old. That's way too many confessions to remember back through.
  • Taking money from my own piggy bank to buy a doughnut I knew I wasn't allowed to have...which my Mother ruled as stealing and lying...and if done again would merit the dreaded reform school where bad boys go. Any you guys think Judge Judy is tough!!! [It musta worked...since, to this day, I consider lying and stealing among the worst of all sins!]
  • smoking cigarettes to my dad
  • Not confessing to anything. Right here. Right now. And I'm still not telling you that's absolute.
  • Sticking bubble gum down my underpants when I was 4.. Butt only because they fell out in the store.
  • Saying a cuss word out loud when I was about 10, I was repeating what I had heard someone say and at first pretended I had not done it. rule of thumb in our house was better to tell truth first time less trouble, tell a lie more trouble you were in. and of all things growing up my Dad was a policeman in the town where I live so if he didn't see you another one would and would tell him. It was a small town.
  • But I don't want to confess it here!
  • I don't actually remember Chris but probably when I was a little girl and did somethikng I shouldn't have. I couldn't take hiding things from people..weighed too heavily on me. It was always much easier on me to tell the truth up front and take my punishment and get it over with. Same thing at work. If I screwed up I immediately told the boss..didn't want it to be "uncovered" later..that would have been so much worse. So when I screw up I confess immediately..don't understand how anyone can try to get away with stuff. I'd have nightmares I'm sure! Who wants to live life always looking over his/her shoulder? :)
  • Alright, alright, I confess. I killed Papa Doc with my voodoo! *Please* don't hit me again! ;-)
  • I don't remember the first thing. But as far as I remember, the first thing is this: We had a electrical extension box, a unique model, which I don't think exists now. Its a box with wires from both sides emerging out. I tried to tie the extending wire across the walls of our church and walk over the wire. It ripped the wire off into two, making it useless...
  • Not believing in the existence of deities
  • the first thing was to lieing
  • I confessed to stealing some barbie dresses from my friend... she had way cooler barbie accessories than I did. Only confessed because I got sprung - mum recognised that there were extra dresses that she hadn't bought me... I realised at that point that I am a terrible liar!! Haven't been able to lie properly since.
  • How am I supposed to remember? I can only remember back to just before age 2...but being born with a guilty conscience, I'm sure there was something I confessed to long before I swiped that piece of gum.
  • The first real confession I made was to my father that I have been going to the races and I was broke. He understood and helped me out.
  • Growing up catholic....we had to confess our sins to the priest on a weekly basis. I remember making up sins just to have something to confess...I guess that's a sin?!
  • being the cause of my younger brothers death when i was 5- iwas 21 when i confessed

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