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  • Ask Bill Clinton.
  • sounds like it to me
  • Well, good sir, the question you should be asking here is "Am I going to jail?" You see, when you order a stripper, you pay her (I'm assuming it's a 'her'--stop me if I went too far) for her stripping. Any sexual acts she performs on you could be considered prostitution. The thing is, a blowjob is a fancy name for oral sex. And, contrary to popular belief, 'oral sex' falls into the category of 'sex'. Also, keep in mind that if she offered you head, she probably offered it to many other guys, horses, chairs, and anything else with long projections. Thus, her mouth is most likely a melting pot of diseases you've probably never heard of before. One more thing. How old was this one? Because you know, there are stipulations on that. So, in conclusion, not only have you contracted several types of STDs that have yet to be discovered, but it is also possible that she was underage, an undercover cop, a goat, or an outer space being. And after all that, your wife won't even be at the hearing. Because, to answer your initial question, YES--getting head from a stripper IS cheating on your wife. Good luck, and remember--bestiality is a sin. So is adultery. But I think we're way past that one... May the force be with you.
  • Duh! Unless the guy slipped and fell, and his cock just happened to slip into the stripper's mouth, then yes, it is cheating.

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