• eat it... throw the peel in front of him and say, 'what's up doc?' =)
  • Stick it up his ass and hope he's not gay
  • Throw it at his head, as a distraction as I closed the distance to cause some serious damage.
  • i'd lock us both up in a....erm..somewhere (using my non-existant fighting skills to overpower them) and keep them until they were starving. then i'd tell them they could have the banana in exchange for my freedom. then i'd unlock the "somewhere", throw the banana and run! he'd be too abosrbed in eating he wouldn't run after me :)
  • shove it down his throat so he suffocates :)
  • Use it as a distraction to get close, or if I could get close already and get into a grapple, I would jam it into the eye for a distraction and put some kind of limb crippling UFC move on them.
  • Lock that sucker in and get ready to fire
  • Well seeing as I'd be useless defending myself I'd try to mesmorise him with my bj skills using the banana and hope he chose that option instead of killing me!
  • I'd first take off my clothes to lure him into a false sense of sexual security. Then, once he took his clothes off, I'd tell him to close his eyes while I put on the condom for him, and I'd put the banana peel on his malanga (so when he got soft it would fall off, and he'd trip on it). Then l'd stick the banana right up his brown eye and start laughing hysterically as I ran off naked with my arms waving like I'm on fire. I bet he'd leave me alone then.
  • Stick it right in his/her throat.
  • I'd ask him if he'd like a bite.
  • As a nice gesture and hoping I would get on his good side, I would offer him the sliced banana to put in his cornflakes.......well he IS a cereal killer :o)
  • Forget that, I would try to talk him down.
  • Why would I want to defend myself? wouldn't it be pretty, being a victim of a serial killer? I'd eat that banana, the last banana I'll ever eat. Anyway, maybe that same thing could save me, bananas tend to get me a bit gassy....

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