• The good news is that your mother cannot read your text messages anywhere except on your cell phone. The only information that she can see on the bill or on line is the numbers that are sending you texts and the numbers of the people you are sending texts to (and the date/time), but there is no where that she or anyone can read the content of your text messages. This information is not even avaialble to Verizon. Thanks. SukiSue
  • are you positive she can't read them? cas Jesus Christ she'd be pretty mad of she read mine!
  • Do not let anyone tell you that any form of communication on the federal airways, is not recorded. This includes text messages. Somewhere, in some country, your cyberspace info. is recorded on someones computer bank. There is no such thing as complete privacy, when you send information into outer space. Satelittes do more than bring you Directv.
  • Yes she can but she needs to go to court and the average parent wouldnt want to do that. The only reason i could think of is cause they are bored. and that wouldnt fly in court
  • Nope. She can only see how many texts you send per month and what numbers you call.

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