• Yest it is possible. You carry two copies of each the genes that determine blood type. Therefore both of your parents must carry the following versions of the two genes: AO and +-.
  • It certainly is possible! Its all based on chance.
  • yes its not uncommon - no mystery
  • Actually, I don't think it can be possible. The positive factor in the blood type is inherited. I am no doctor, but I am pretty sure that two parents with A+ blood type can not have a child with O- blood. At least one parent would have to be O and/or a -. The + and - negative refer to the Rhesus factor, I believe. + incidates a presence of a this factor in the blood, - means there is no presence. If both parents have that presence in their blood, I don't see how the child would not inherit it. Furthermore, you're type O and neither are type O? I can't see it. I ran into this problem over my son. His father left me when I was pregnant and I had no idea what his blood type was. I am O-. My son is O+. His father had + factor in his blood.

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