• I'd torn between Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe and the Grand Canyon. Both were gorgeous.
  • To many to places to start. Ive got mad pics of sum tho. And simple memorys of others. I'll show u sum tyme if u wuld like.
  • The most beautiful view I have had was the one of Arisztid's face, with the soft smile and look of wonder and joy, when I told him I loved him for the first time. That was in his home.
  • I will say it is dawn or sunset in the Amazon rain forest, the colors and sounds are incredible.
  • I would say either sunset from atop the Continental Divide or Niagra Falls at night....
  • While in the Marine Corps I served about a ship for a year in the Persian Gulf. This is what the nights looked like...
  • A field full of 7' tall Sunflowers in the Sth of France, absolutely stunning!!
  • I have three that come instantly to mind. 1. In Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. My husband and I were snorkeling, and saw the most fantastic tropical fish swim gently around us. All different colors and patterns. Gorgeous. 2. At the top of Diamond Head crater, Oahu Hawaii. The view is just breathtaking. (Picture 1) 3. The view from a room at the Hotel Del Coronado, where my husband and I stayed for our first wedding anniversary (Picture 2)

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