• no. you can't intentionally fumble to advance the ball. it would effectively give you more than one forward passes in a play and not only that it would mean you could kick the ball along the floor. it makes a bit of a joke of the game if you could fumble the ball past people or kick it passed them. the rules make you take people on and beat them physically. intentionally fumbling is a pretty pussy move!
  • High school made it illegal a few years ago. I believe they were following the lead of college and pros. I'm assuming you understand that a fumblerooski is not so much an intentional fumble as the other answer indicated, but is a situation where the QB deceptively lays the ball down right after the snap then runs a fake as though the play were going wide. A tackle or guard then picks up the ball and runs the opposite way. Several years after the play was introduced, high school rules required that the referee be informed when such a play was about to be run in order to properly officiate the play. After the play faded from use, high school rules then made it illegal.

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