• Y? B cuz u cnt reed whut it says. That, and probably because it is a raping of the English language. Kids are spelling worse and worse... Please, if you see something anally raping the English language, be it on the internet or in a dark, lonely alleyway, call for help at once.
  • Most questions that are written like that are just so difficult to understand that I ignore them. I can't be bothered to translate something that is supposedly in my native language, yet barely decipherable.
  • its the same as leet speak n0 0n3 c4n r34d 17 w1th0u7 7h31r 3y35 hur71ng also, people are just getting lazier and lazier, and it's annoying, the same way it is when someone lazy tells you to get the remote or fetch them something they could easily get themselves.
  • Everyone? no, not everyone.
  • I think people have been sick of text talk type questions for a long time.
  • excellent question :O) .. i don't know about you, but i think i type as i speak, and reverting to 'text speak'..means i cant concentrate on what im typing lol ..dont people even think in the english language anymore ..that's quite sad really :O)
  • It's pretty annoying. I just saw a question where that person substitutes "what" for "wut", "you are" for "ur" and then uses someting like "idk", which I have no idea what the hell it means. And they write that way expecting everyone to understand what the hell they're saying. I don't take those questions seriously so I skip them.
  • Oh god, it gets me so angry!!! Don't do it! It's like you are raping the english language. :(
  • It doesn't annoy me a real lot but I think it shows a lack of care in using their language.
  • I just think it is lazy. These ppl will forget how to write/type properly eventually. I would hate to see some of their job applications. But it doesn't piss me off. It takes slightly bigger issues than that to get me going.
  • F.U.N.E.X? this two ronnies sketch is a classic - same kind of thing - words replaced by letters, but in this case it was funny
  • 8-26-2017 Well, if you want to ask a question, it is nice to assure people that you have enough brain power to comprehend the answer.

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