• Some people believe that Science can back up Religious beliefs because Science and Religion both ask different questions as to why the earth was created so they both help each other out. Science asks how? Religion asks why? Plato and aristotle found that the Earth wasn’t centre of the Univerese but Christians believe we are. However scientific discoveries like this has helped Christians realise more about the bible. Science is based on theories and God is also the Christian’s theory of how the earth was made Galleleio said that discovering more about the universe will let us find out more about God. Science and Religion are complementary to each other Science’s theory is that the world was created by The Big Bang. This backs up some Christians beliefs because they believe God created the BigBang.
    • ReiSan
      Gods are not theories but just fiction without objective evidence. Science and Religion has some basic conflicts.
  • I think that some Christian beliefs are backed up by science--The Great Flood, The star when Jesus was born, etc. But others are proven wrong by science--the heavens and earth were made in a week, Adam and Eve were the only 2 humans on earth, etc. Even the Bible contridicts the Adam and Eve one.
    • Mircat
    • ReiSan
      No, there is no evidence of a world flood. The Bible is contradictory about when Jesus was born.
  • No. The past 500 years of scientific progress have been largely against the grain of religious dogma; inquisitions and heretic-hangings don't generally occur between buddies. Every time a religious doctrine has been proven the religious people accept the fact that they have erred? Usually no, they either: [A] "Save the Phenomenon" - which means to use extraordinary interpretations (i.e. "this part should not be taken literally) to reconcile two opposing concepts, or... [B] Deny the discovery altogether, and persecute anyone who actively teaches it. They did it with heliocentricity and atomism, and now they are doing it with evolution.
  • If you mean how we were created, then no.
  • I suppose it depends on which brand of Christianity you are asking. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints believes "True Science and true Religion will never conflict." However, we do not check to see if Science agrees with what we teach and believe, because science has not yet reached the point of truth. They are still in the speculative stage. They have not yet reached the stage of total agreement even among themselves. We (Mormons) have received all of our beliefs and practices from the Lord through Revelation through living Prophets. We are not concerned nor do we look to Science for approval, we know what we teach is true. We also have several Scientists as members of our Church...whew4
    • ReiSan
      Any religion's members can make such claims as you do. You just believe your teachings are true. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, etc, disagree with you.
  • There is no scientific proof for any of it.
  • It depends on what Christian and what belief. Some are grounded in science while others are fundamental and more literal. The earth is much older than 6000 years old.
  • No but Christians have a LOT of beliefs and even a broken clock is correct twice a day.
    • Roaring
      : )
  • No, science refutes most of the Bible. There are no talking snakes, talking and burning bushes, world flood, stars falling to earth, sky rolling up like a scroll, man walking on water, pi = 3, transforming water into wine, etc.
  • No, it shows they're na├»ve.
  • i think it does
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