• They would certainly cheer me up. What a brilliant
  • these messages are going to be posted on loads of bendy buses throughout England - I see the messages the same as I see other religious ones - I ignore them as they are of no interest to me.
  • That slogan is being pasted on buses in my home city, albeit in England. I think it's great. Though I'm not an atheist I do get tired of evangelical Christians pushing their agenda.
  • You probably won't see a lot of that -- it takes money to put up billboards, and it takes organizations of like-minded people to raise money. Atheists are notoriously un-likeminded. To almost-quote one struggling organizer of atheists... "if you ask a room full of atheists to shake hands with the person next to them, 1/3 will comply, 1/3 will just sit there, and the other 1/3 will tell you to go to Hell!" It's just the nature of people who do their own thinking that they're harder to corral into flocks and it's harder to get them to all march in lock-step toward the same goal. That's much easier for religion.
  • I ignore them both equally. Im not into things said simply to negate or counteract the effects of something else. That is the problem I have with both religion and atheism... Both feel the need to take a stand against the other and in the act of doing so, both make themselves a rediculous sideshow for those of us that know better and chose non action as a kind of replacement for action. Live and let live man... There are merit in both any idiot should be able to say that and be fine with it. The competition in anything is what completely negates the value of the point being made in the first place. Human beings ruin everything striving and competing with themselves for just about everything.
  • I would enjoy it.
  • Well I giggled at your post so I assume I would do the same if I saw that, mind you, in Australia, some of the billboards out the front of churches say things like that anyway, I think they try to be humourous to get more peoples attention and get them in to their church. My atheist friends went to church a couple of weeks ago because they had the kids with them and they saw lights and costumes etc as they were walking past, they went in and realised there was free fairy floss (cotton candy) so they stayed for a bit. Some of the billboards here are just that, fairy floss.
  • I think that it would be amusing, if only for the fact that it would cause strife. A billboard isn't going to be the deciding factor whether a person chooses to believe or not.
  • Those are harmless, you should read some of the muslim messages
  • Oh, crap! I gather that you haven't taken a stroll thru the religion section on this subject. And if you visit the Rapture Ready website...oy! You'd think they're being invaded from green little Atheists from outer space! Remember, to these self-righteous folk, freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion also
  • I would think "there is an example of Free Speech in action" and promptly fuggeddaboutit! People have a right to say what they think and I have a right to ignore it. No worries, no sweat, no big deal! :) ((hugs))
  • I'd probably laugh a lot! FUNNY!
  • There were some on the Metrorails in the DC area with a dude(who looked familiar and was probably a B or lower list celebrity) in a santa hat and the poster said "Why believe in a god, just be good for goodness sake".
  • well the truth is coming at last there is no god , i know that how come still in the 21 century people still believe in gods and even in religions , out of my understanding
  • I usually dont read while driving. One time I got pulled over because there was this sign that said "STOP", but I just figured it was another slogan campaign for the people! Then I got a ticket! I now read all of the signs, and believe everything. I go from Catholic to Christian to Athiest in 5.8 flat!!
  • I would enjoy it and bask in the glory of reality being promoted for once.
  • Wow, is all I can say...
  • 7-4-2017 The problem is not atheists pushing nothingness, it is Christians who have no idea what they are about. The bible appoints followers to preach the gospel, but most followers have no idea what the gospel is. The bible appoints followers to be ambassadors, but most followers think they are supposed to be peddlers. And they don't even know how to do that right.
  • I couldn't care less about their ungodly billboard signs. lol

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