• Mormons do not know the Holy Spirit because Mormons believe that a woman cannot enter Heaven unless she is taken there by her husband and, because they believe this, the spirit they are influenced by is not Holy. A Mormon woman is taught that unless she is married she cannot be "saved". If you ask the Mormons about this they will try to throw you off course with their answers and beat around the bush, but if you are persistent you will get the truth. They will say "of course women can go to Heaven without a man" but what they don't tell you is that they believe that unmarried women can only go to the "lower" Heavens not the "highest" Heaven. Mormonism is another patriarchal religion that oppresses women because women are very powerful and the forces that rule this earth at this time do not want female influence. I don't believe that either sex is supperior to the other, however, we have all been taught that males display superior qualities of mind and body and, this is a conspiracy and a lie and, I don't care if it isn't popular to say so.
  • Yes, we Latter Day Saints do very much believe in the Holy Ghost.(Holy Spirit) However, there is only two ways for anyone to be filled with the Holy Ghost. 1.He can only be sent by the Lord to very special prepared people, for a short time. 2. The only way to actually receive the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, it to be baptized by one having the authority, or Priesthood from God, and then having one with that same Priesthood lay hands on your head to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. There is no other way. If anyone claims to have received the Holy Ghost in any other way, they have been deceived. The spirit they have is not the Holy Ghost, but is a spirit from someone else, who likes to deceive. whew6
  • Does it matter what they believe in...What is important is that we are obedient to what Jesus asked...Matthew 28: 19,20...and to do it door to door mainly...Acts 5:42 The Mormons used to do door to door but with what...not information about the Kingdom...They just wanted to bless the house...How that works ???? And even then it was only with young ' elders' ???? And after two years, they could give it up and go home to a financed business... In contrast, ALL baptized J.W'S preach THE ' INCOMING' Kingdom ALL their lives, never stopping... Until Jesus says to stop...and that has not happened yet !!!

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