• I'm pretty sure that you are going to age no matter what foods you eat. Smoking and tanning seem to make a person appear older than they actually are.
  • I would hazard a guess that all foods make you age in that food sustains your life which causes me to age another day. Fatty meat, farmed meats, fish, and dairy products that are chock full of hormones, along with pesticide laced fruits and vegetables are the real silent killers, not to mention a whole assortment of imported Chinese food stuffs lately that are very not good for long healthy life spans. Stress, drugs, tobacco and alcohol are the real age thieves.
  • Acidic foods. With less than 7.5 PH level. Stick to Alkaline foods which give a 7.5 PH level which means healthy blood and can slow down aging process. Fasting is scientifically proven to slow down aging and give youthful look as trialled by american scientists. No eating and drinking from sunrise until sunset works.
  • Tacos and salad.
  • Time makes you age. The other option is death. Embrace life, accept aging, live life, be happy and aging won't be an issue.
  • Foods that take a long time to prepare mostly! By the end of that cooking the appetite is gone!
  • In my experience the thing that makes people look disproportionately old is smoking. I am not an extreme "hate smokers" person but smokers can easily look 10+ years older than they really are.
  • probably all of them
  • Avoid unhealthy foods- Keep your cravings away from such kind of junk and unhealthy foods like pizza, burger, and other processed foods, and stay fit and healthy. Its better to consume anti-aging foods and practice yoga.
  • Food does not make you age. Don't believe everything you read. The only thing that makes you age is time.
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      "does not"
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  • "You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older. And now you're older still." --They Might Be Giants "Older"
  • I'm over it. : )
  • Stay away from unhealthy foods and drinks. Read "9 Foods To Overcome Aging (Ultimate Guide with Ultimate Details)" to have all information.
  • ALL foods make you age. They provide nourishment for the body to stay alive. The way to prevent the aging process is to stop eating altogether.
  • you wont live as long if you eat nothing but junk food, you need healthy nourishment to stay healthy and live longer
  • All of them. Reducing caloric intake (to about 1400 calories per day for an active man) increases your lifespan.

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