• Boy, am I ever! I have a growing list of reasons why I wish I was born in the year 2000!
  • All parents hope their children will have better lives than themselves and will not harbour such selfish emotion with their children.
  • No, not at all. My life as a child wasn't bad at all. And also, I cannot be jealous of my own children for having the confortable life they are having because I'm the one providing it for them.
  • No ~ not at all. I want the absolute best for my children and their children :)
  • Nope, I am the one trying to make it better, I don't wish my past on anyone
  • Not at all...
  • There is no question of jealousy at all. Myself and my children belong to different generations. Even when I can afford live the lifestyle my children are living - I wouldn't want to do it. My generation has certain standards. And I am happy living it.
  • No, on the contrary I am very happy that they live a better life; this is what parents are for to improve a family life and beside how can I be jealous of something that I offered them.
  • absolutley kids are having a great life..i hope in some small way im responsible for that, seeing them grow into adults give me a buzz everyday :O)
  • Every Generation does better than the one before it. That is how it should be. In my generation, our parents raised us till we were 18. From there we found our own way as times were tough. I cannot say Im jealous of them, I am happy that they are doing so well. Im sure though the pendulum will swing the other way, as that too is part of life. I just hate jealousy anyway. Terrible thing.
  • No. I think their life is harder as I believe it is for alot of children growing up in the 21st century. I do hope it won't get any harder than it already is.

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