• Worrying. I am so happy that I finally let go of everything that could go wrong and just started living life.
  • Smoking, drinking and excessive eating
  • Smoking
  • I quit smoking over 20 years ago and I'm so very glad that I did that.
  • Abusing alcohol, smoking too much, abusing drugs, having a shitty attitude, being depressed, getting angry easily, driving intoxicated, having low self confidence, eating fast food, and spending too much money on crap. I'd have to say though that the number one habit I am most proud of breaking is my habit of believing and in God.
  • Drinking 5 or 6 cups of coffee a day
  • Smoking!!! This was before all the help aides available nowadays. It took me almost a year. I just cut down till I had one half a day, I had that half each night, kept me going for awhile. Then, on July 8th 1993, I had my last half:) YAY!!!!!
  • Smoking cigarettes.
  • eating too much and ga ining weight. Now I eat mostly vegan. I exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes on my stairstepper daily. I lost so far close to 10 lobs. I plan to lose at least 30 more. I'm 5.0 and I weigh now 155 lbs.
    • Linda Joy
      congratulations! That's not easy!
  • Frodo, or maybe Bilbo Baggins. Oh, wait, did you say hobbit or habit? I need to get my ears checked. I have a hard time dropping habits, so I try not to pick up the bad ones. I went through a rough time when I drank an awful lot, and came very close to killing myself through that process. I did manage to quit drinking and get my life together, but I still have to be careful to stay away from hard alcohol just in case I relapse.
  • Smoking
  • My life-long addiction to eating excessively.
  • smoking
  • Cigarettes? Not so much pride as a sense of accomplishment and test of sheer willpower.

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