• ... certainly NOT while they were a child, no ... Once they reached legal adult, all I could do would be to recommend not to, and offer some of my reasoning, but the decision would be theirs, not mine ... so there would be no "letting" them or not ...
  • Once they become an adult I couldn't stop them, it'd be none of my business.
  • To become a porn star they would need to be of a legal age in which case they would be an adult and I would have no say in what they did.
  • Once they were 18, 'letting' them isn't something I could do.
  • Your question assumes control. Control is an illusion.
    • Ice man
      So is answering people who left years ago, will never see your answer, and will never reply to you.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't necessarily answer for them but for those who come later and look at the question.
  • Hell no. I am surprised as how many people are under that assumption that once your kids hit 18, you have no more control. I would think that if you've been a half-way decent parent for the first 17 years, you should have some influence after they blow out the candles on number 18.
  • If my children, when they are adults working and living on their own they are no longer under my roof or control. They are free to do as they please. They are still my children and I would always love them. Porn stars by the way make very good salaries.
  • Just for the sake of answering I will say this. Children are supposed to respect their parents.
  • I would suggest they become a porn director instead. Less hard work, less sweat and more money.

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