• CONGRATULATIONS Egao No Genki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party for you.... woo woo. hahhaa... :)
  • Wow, congratulations.
  • I'm impressed! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Only if he stops and I can do it in period parlance- whatever the heck that is;)
  • My congratulations to you, Egao No Genki! Wow, I have to look into those questions to learn how to do it.
  • Sure. Congrats, Egao No Genki. But, did you get any decent answers? And I hope you never asked if you were pregnant or not....
  • Quality over quantity.. How many of those questions were actually unique, rather than just slightly different versions of the same question? How many of them did you actually read the answers to? And how many of them did people actually appreciate? Sure, it's quite a bit of work, and suppose I'll congratulate you for reaching that milestone, but you won't earn my respect or approval
  • ... the stats on his profile page has a lower number than 10,000 ... ... it shows only 8,981 questions ... ... I'll offer some congrats anyway, but try getting the TOP answer to 10,000 different educational questions instead of just asking a vast number of conversational questions with a low significance or low importance ... after all, this is not "Askbag" ... it is "Answerbag" ...
  • You ask alot of Q: Egao No Genki & if i was around i'll answer every question of yours i could. "CONGRATULATIONS"
  • &lt;C<ongrats!! Look forward to many more! Thanks!!;)
  • 10,000!!.... Congratulaions Egao No Genki.
  • Yeah, and about 9,999 of them had to do with adding some kind of comments to the Bible. Now, it really takes someone with an IQ lower than Bush's to do that!
  • When some of them become anything other than pointless, I'd be happy to.
  • WOW! 10,000! Congratulations... I guess. I've asked almost 50. I think I'll stop there.
  • WOW 10, 000 questions, really???? man i cant think of any decent things to ask:)
  • I know Egao No Genki isn't one of the popular ABers, but people need to understand that he's doing this site a service by asking his questions, as repetitive as some of them are. Without questions, what would be do on this site? He's asked 10,000 of them. Sure, there are 1,019 of them that were removed for some reason, 2,634 of them that are unanswered, but that means that 6,347 of them have been answered!!! So yes, Chris, I would like to congratulate him on asking his 10,000th question. Great work, Egao. My only request to you, Egao, is that you spend a little more time letting people who spend the time to answer your questions know that you appreciate their answers. UR answers and say, "Thanks" (or some other comments). It may mean that you ask a few less questions each time you're here (because when you get more answers, you'll have to respond to the answers), but you'll be more liked on the site (seems important to you since you want pages of friends), and people will want to answer your questions. Just think about it. But I don't want the overall message to get lost in my digression. So, again, congratulations on reaching your 10,000th question, Egao.
  • Congrats Egao! I can't seem to think of questions to ask, I'm sure glad someone can. :-)
  • I don't even know 10,000 Congratulations:):)!!!! can you start answering some of mine?:):):)LOL:)
  • Sure. Great job, Egao. Now you need to set a goal to go through every question you asked that has answers, rate (up) and comment (at least "Thanks for answering") to every answerer, since, in many cases, you've ignored those. To those complaining about the "trivialness" of the questions, remember that AB is designed to be a database of questions and answers. While not many of Egao's questions are answered, yet, SOMEBODY like he, will get a burr up their butt, find a website with the answers, and begin answering them. Then AB will have probably at least 5000-7000 relatively interesting questions (sorry Egao), with answers, for those who actually search the web for them, and find them here. Besides, many of Egao's questions are MUCH more thought-provoking than "What did you eat last night?" "I'm making lunch... What will you have?", etc. Egao - Please... Now that you've reached this goal, no more "formualaic" questions, at least for a while, huh? LOL Congratulations, again. ;-) But I still congratulate you. (I'm lucky to have 268 questions!) In celebration, here are some "question" videos.
  • Congrats, you must be a good listener!
  • So what does he win? A car? Money? Diamond Ring? A new Life? 10,000 questions? So what has he done with all that massive amount of information?
  • Well done Egao No Genki wow! 10,000 congrats on that :) Thanks Chris :)
  • Now I know that must mean something to him, so congratulations! 10000 is bloody loads :) And good for you Chris, for asking this.
  • Congratulations Egao No Genki! Hope you learned a lot about everything you wanted to know more about! Keep up the good work! : ) Haha
  • Good job! (and I love your pic Chris!)
  • Congrats. That's unbelievable.
  • What is there to congratulate him for or about? As far as I'm concerned, his "Qs" were more of a nuisance than anything else. How many automobiles and fonts are there? Not to mention all the other repetitive inane splinters he might have asked about - and which are to come. I'll admit I answered a few of them when I first joined AB. BUT I soon got very bored and aggravated with the same Q posted over and over again about a tiny sub-subject of the same major topic. +5 for you, Chris. But as far as an acknowledgement for him, that's totally out of the question. I think "congratulations" would be more of an encouragement for him to ask more ridiculous Qs. I think I made my point of view very clear. Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions.

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