• No, because penalties for crimes don't take into account the reason for doing them. (E.g., legally you can't be forgiven for stealing a loaf of bread when you're hungry.) I think cheating should be grounds for separation/divorce, and all the financial hassles that accompany them, but not an actual crime with a fine and/or jail time. My opinion is: if you're gonna cheat, you shouldn't be married in the first place.
  • Absolutely not. Marriages can last forty or fifty years. Fidelity is not the most important thing about marriage. Family, children, friendship, companionship, and even finances are other important parts of marriage. No one should be tied down to one partner for forty or fifty years. Within that time period one would expect that other relationships might develop for either partner. It's fine and enlarges the lives of all concerned.
  • In Nc you can be charge with alienation of affection by one of the spouses.Ive seen some people loose a lot of money over this
  • Yes, lets start stoning adulterers in the public square. Soon there will be no one left on earth.
  • The cheater has violated an oral contract, an oral contract that was witnessed by at least one other party. Therefore a crime has been committed. The punishment is not usually explicit in nature. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement. (some single guy trying to talk legalese)
  • it should be a crime. you also run the rist of spreading STD's. Oh and not to mention that it is a sin.
  • "wedlock" makes it sound so final and in actual fact, of course it is not, it shouldn't be a crime, it should be a discussion you have throughout the course of your partnership so both are clear on where they stand and can make a decision based on how they feel about each others perspective on this... and I believe that it should be brought up over time as people change... esp. after so many years together...
  • No. It just shouldn't happen to begin with.
  • Most western countries have de-criminalised adultery. Adultery is not a crime in most countries of the European Union, including Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland or Sweden. In the United States, laws vary from state to state. In those States where adultery is still on the statute books, they are rarely prosecuted. No, it should not be a crime. It should only be a violation of a contract. In my own opinion, I think adultery should automatically void the marriage contract, with all the property going to the wronged spouse. If they are both at fault, it should be divided in equally.

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