• Let's see it this way, who has ear training? I would personally stick with the choir
  • Listen to the positive affirmations of the choir class.
  • choir, definitely
  • Your mom probably just needed some Saturday morning peace and quiet and didn't mean what she said? When your last nerve's shot, even beautiful sounds can sound like a cat:) Listen to the people in your choir.
  • I'd listen to the people in your choir class. Your mom's probably just jealous because she wasn't able to sing and still can't. : )
  • I'm sure your mother was irritated about something else and wanted her peace and quiet. Maybe you were also off key in that situation. Listen to the Choir.
  • Some times your parents may not mean what they say. So, even though she may have said that she prob. didn't mean it. You should listen to your friends and the possative voices and try not to be so hard on yourself.
  • It's actually easier to sing in a choir than acapella in your room. You may have just been off a tad. Don't worry about it, perfect pitch just takes time, at least in my experience. Keep singing!
  • Now that is funny, It sounds just like my daughter and me. She Says the exact same thing to me and I her. Most of the time she doesnt sound bad, She just is loud and Im trying to concentrate on something or watching something and it annoys me. Its probably the same with your mom, Especially if you have headphones on. People always sound bad with headphones. Try not singing so loud or when she is busy and I'll bet she wont mind.
  • If you want to be a singer then do it. Dont listen to anyone else. Even if your mom really thinks your terrible dont listen to that negative attitude. Do what you want. Listen to your friends about it. If you dont believe any of them try recording yourself and listening.
  • listen to youself sweetheart! if you believe that you can sing and that you can make it as a singer then that s what you must go for. often our parents are the main reasons why we do not believe in ourselves and we do not follow our dreams - don't let that happen to you. Good luck :)
  • wow my dad said the same thing to me! listen to your choir :)
  • dont listen to your mom, shes being mean

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