• Yes, but it only took a day or two to get used to them. At first it seemed like I was looking at everything through a fishbowl. Words and walls would be flat directly in front of me but curve towards me on the edges of my vision. It was a fairly seasicky feeling. I was amazed when things started looking right again. The brain is a cool thang.
  • Hi Kids...Just got progressive lenses today and Holy Cow. Now I know what a goldfish sees! I hope I can get used to these things !
  • I have had them for several years. It does take awhile to get used to them. They are especially difficult when you're doing computer or paperwork where you're always looking up and down and refocusing. I have regular lenses for that. But for driving and "walking around", I just love progressive lenses.
  • The trick is to be determined and wear them all the time until you are used to them. (Never be tempted to go back to your old glasses.) A good trick is to do something that absorbs you that involves your distance vision and your close-up. For example, go and see a really good film for the distance. Then spend an afternoon doing a hobby that needs close up vision. If you are doing something that you really enjoy, you quickly forget to worry about whether you are seeing things right. This worked for me. I was completely comfortable after about four days. After about a week, if you have not adjusted, then your glasses -- not you -- might need to be adjusted. If they still don't work for you, you might be one of the few not suited to progressive lenses.
  • For me they are easy to use, I soon managed to get my eyes looking through the correct area within a few hours.

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