• Observation - Something that you watch and study. Perception - How you react or feel about something you see.
  • Reality can be observed, touched, smelled, examined, researched, proved. Perception is a belief, you think it is there, but can’t find it.
  • Observations are objective. (The event.) Perceptions are subjective (The emotion.)
  • Well observation is "seeing something" Preception is "how you react when you see something" does that help any? It is a tough one to explain. +4
  • Observation is either an activity of a living being (such as a human), consisting of receiving knowledge of the outside world through the senses, or the recording of data using scientific instruments. The term may also refer to any datum collected during this activity. Perception: In psychology and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. It is a task far more complex than imagined.
  • While observations are what you observe, perceptions are what your thoughts and feelings are regarding what you observe.
  • Observation → WHAT is seen (e.g. The same star is seen by Jack and Jill.) Perception → HOW it is interpreted (e.g. Jack thinks he is looking at a star. Jill thinks she is looking at a light from an aircraft.) Something can be observed by many people. But each person may perceive it it a different way. Perception is how an individual's brain processes an observation.
  • 6-21-2017 You observe a guy drinking water, and he twitches. You perceive that he got something besides water in his mouth. Perception is knowledge beyond what you can see.

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