• Ben Gay is what I usually use.
  • Yes, Voltaren emugel, it is really good ;0) Happy New Year
  • i like icy hot but i find a heating pad works the best when i have the time to lay down with one on
  • I use Aspercream. It seems to give me the most relieve and I think it is less greasy.
  • The only work at making you stink. And they burn like hell when you get into the shower. I use a heating pad if im sore and a couple asprin.
  • Sometimes and it doesn't work
  • I like Ben Gay for when I have congestion. The smell which is SO strong really seems to clear up my breathing.
  • Oh yes! Aspercreme is strong enough to work on my back most of the time, and since it's odorless, it doesn't bother my wife. Icy Hot Gel, the one with the vanishing scent, is strong enough to work on my knees and foot, whereas Aspercreme usually doesn't cut it. Ben Gay, Icy Hot paste are good but due to the long lasting smell, I avoid them.
  • I really like Deep Heat but it stinks too bad, so I use Capzasin HP it's really strong and no smell.
  • I've used Ben Gay and Deep Heat, they both work. But, I try to avoid them because they make my eyes irritated and the smell transfers into my clothes or sheets.
  • A535 non oily
  • Tiger balm dark works very well!
  • Straight capsasim is cheaeper and works better as it is the main ingredient in heat type topical pain relievers
  • The only kind of cream I've ever tried is Icy Hot. It worked pretty well on my knee until I found some natural stuff called Soothanol X2. Soothanol X2 It's very expensive, but it's also a liquid and you only need a few drops. One ounce lasts more than a year. Works on headaches and all other aches too.
  • I like Icy Hot even though it has a strong smell, it works well for me.
  • Icy Hot works for me
  • asper cream works good for me
  • I use Icy Hot the most....seems to work for me.
  • Icy Hot works best, Ben Gay seems like it irritates my skin too much - more like burning than anything.
  • I make my own mixture of "Dit Da Jow" for martial arts bruises and strains ... ... here is a link to some recipes ... .
  • I like Thera-gesic
  • Icy Hot's good. I didn't think this stuff would really work, but but since I am a medical marijuana patient--I was given a natural oil derived from cannabinoids, and other plants. Heat finely ground bud OR leaf with a fat (butter, medical grade glycerin, or olive oil)in a double boiler on low for 3 hrs. (the leaf is still high in CBD's, the pain relievers, just not the THC). Rub on the painful joints, and in about 20 minutes I felt better for around 3 hours. Marijuana poultices has been used on sore joints for centuries. Over all, one can eat it cooked (1 1/2-3 hrs to work), or inhaled (vaporizer), or as the poultice. God designed it!
  • I use Biofreeze.
  • i bought something for arthritic pain -- turns out that it works on my "itchy foot" problem, this is a very small spot on my foot in the arch which has really been bugging me for awhile and from what i understand an itch is just a pain at a low degree, the item i bought is called dr. j. h. mclean's volcanic oil liniment (weird huh) but ingredients are camphor sassafrassy oil, chlorothmol, linseed (flaxseed) oil, petro and pine oil but the weirdest ingredient to my mind is turpentine oil (???) but this has been sold since the 1880s, i found it in the ethnic food aisle at safeway but you can probably find it on line and it only costs 3.95 (wow!), so if you up to trying anything, go to safeway or online.
  • No, but thinking about buying some for shoulder pain that will not go away.

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