• In person always better.
  • i'd say, if you really want the job, and this is a job where showing initiative is important, drop it off. worst case is that you hand it to someone and turn around and leave. best case is the person who decides to hire you or not sees you and strikes up a conversation. if you do not specifically hand it to the person who needs to get it though, you may want to send a copy by email, just to make sure they have your resume.
  • nice attire and drop off in person it makes people think you are serious in looking for a job, you took the time to do all that it must be important to you! If it is not possible and you have to send it by mail or e-mail send a cover letter letting them know that on such and such a date and time you will be calling to follow up on your resume.
  • In the case of a smaller business It is likely that the receptionist will be more central to the hiring process. With most corporations the only person you'll see is some receptionist who has nothing to do with anyone tied to the hiring process. Corporations are far more mechanical than small businesses are. For smaller businesses I'd go in person, for large corporations I'd mail or email it.
  • Dropping it off is better. You may not meet with the actual decision maker, but at least you know your resume is there and being processed. Plus, the receptionist may be in charge of organizing or screening the resumes, and you may score some points this way. Most importantly, you can print your resume on a nice, high quality, cotton paper that is slightly off-white or cream colored. This will stand out from the others that are simply printed from an e-mail.
  • Dropping it off in person is best.
  • I say in person with a smile, and cleavage
  • In person is better, but if you already have established contact with someone at the company, and they have interviewed you or met you, it would be appropriate to email them your resume also. It's a nice personal touch to be there in person.
  • probably in person, they might remember you more
  • Any time you can get a face to face is best.
  • any time you can get face to face with an employer is better

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