• I dunno how common it is but one of my friends had a Husky with epilepsy and it wasn't pretty. Not only did they get themselves in serious debt trying to treat the dog but they eventually had to put him to sleep. It was very sad!
  • as common as humans
  • Not sure how common it is but I do know it happens. Also dogs can have food allergies. My dog that I got 3 months ago, at the age of 1 1/2 has food allergies. Strange hu? Also my neighbors dog had Diabetes. Good Question +3
  • I think it is pretty darn common. i have epilepsy. I can't tell you how many times i have i heard somebody say "my dog has that" after i have told them i that have epilepsy. I never know how to take that. Do i have fleas? ;)
  • I'm wondering if it is a pure breed thing. My aunt is friends with many Kennel Club people and We talked about mixed dogs having less problems. So my questions to you is what kind of dog do you have ?
  • My dog has seizures though they are rare. The vet said that a lot of small dogs have seizures and nobody is sure why and I have heard of small dogs getting epilepsy.. whether it's a rare breed thing or not IDK.
  • German Shepherds seem to be prone yo...
  • It's not common, but it's not rare either. In some breeds there are more incidences of it, for instance it shows up in Newfoundlands through some lines. There was testing being done on it and a program for those with dogs having epilepsy. We used to have one of our dogs on that program hoping it might help others with this problem.
  • My poor puppy died in my arms after having a horrible seizure..i will never forget it..Mother's Day 1999
  • More so when fed processed dog food. A friend of mine owned a few restaurants and only fed him food from his restaurants , and he lived to 18. And no complications
  • it probably happens just not sure how often

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