• Go to the store and get some repellant and move to another room.
  • Sounds like Florida sometimes. I feel for you. Avon makes a product called "skin so soft" that works well as a mosquito repellent. I don't think that's what it was designed for for but hey, whatever works, right? I like garlic so I eat it a lot. That helps repel mosquitos... and people too!:)
  • get some repellent...
  • You can always pray, I'm sure Allah wouldn't let the mosquitoes have the best of ya
  • A dish with water and lemon scented dish soap.
  • may not be the most comfortable, but it is time for your hubby to lay on top of you ----- you win, mosquitoes loose
  • That's awesome that the water and lemon worked. I'm SO doing that next time. I've also heard that spraying Windex around your doors and windows will keep them from coming IN. And don't eat bananas - they make you more attractive to the bloodsucking fiends.
  • Simple! Change your blood type to A+, and your skin pigmentation to a darker variety. You will still be stung, but the stings will affect you about 95% less.
  • a cotton sheet is too hot huh? hmm
  • No. In fact I would be nicer to them as they most probably feel uncomfortable not being able to speak my language.
  • Where do you live? It's snowing like crazy here! Can you go in another room where they can't follow you?
  • AVON SKIN SO SOFT HAND LOTION!!!! Proven to keep mosquitoes from biting..
  • Raid! Automatic
  • Hey, i will try the lemon next time, i hate mozzies, if i get bitten i have a big allergic reaction and have to have telfast tablets, there must be some non-toxic repellents on the market ;0)
  • I'd say mosquito netting ... but where are you going to get mosquito netting at 2:20 am. Have a 24 hour Home Hardware down there?
  • Wrap yourself up in wet towels, maybe that will cool you and keep the mosquito from biting.
  • Do all you can to avoid mosquito bites. The West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitoes to other animals, including migratory birds and humans. U.S. Center for Disease Control: Science Daily: Here's a brief history of the West Nile Virus: "What is West Nile Encephalitis? "Named for the West Nile District of Uganda, where it was discovered in 1937, West Nile Encephalitis is one of a host of disturbing illnesses, such as AIDS, Ebola, hantaviruses, and Lyme disease, to emerge in the past 100 years. "Spread by mosquitoes, the disease usually causes a mild inflammation of the brain, accompanied by fever, headache, body ache, skin rash, and swollen lymph glands. It appeared in North America for the first time in 1999. "The virus mainly kills birds. Officials estimate 10,000 crows died in 1999 in the New York metropolitan area. As feared, it is believed that birds migrating south spread the disease throughout the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, a number of horse deaths in the New York area were also blamed on the disease. The vast majority of people bit by infected mosquitoes develop no symptoms." Source:

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