• I'd have to say the Bible
  • Tough question, I read everything I get my hands on, probably M. Scott Peck, he wrote, The road less traveled.
  • Encyclopedia of Americana, Berkley Press
  • Kurt Vonnegut..."bad chemicals and bad ideas..."
  • I know it's a weird choice, but Chuck Palahniuk.
  • I don't learn from any author. I believe an author produces an item that they share to the world and that individual will use it at some advantage. You see, I read the newspaper and i read news articles. However, the MAIN PURPOSE of newspaper articles is to provide/persuade readers to agree with the author. Therefore, I LEARN from all the authors, not just one or two. I read the newspapers and I see the author's point of view in the issue. It's amazing because I don't read books! Overall, to answer your question, it's best to learn from all others and gather the necessary facts from them - and I read newspaper to be aware and surround with the latest issues/news about my world that I live in - and others provide such a thing!
  • ME! LOL. i am proud to say that the how-to book i wrote about my business is available on amazon and other online retailers. BUT i learned not all publishers are as good as you think. next book, i'll find someone else.. anyway........ my favorite author who has "taught" me the most would have to be dale carnegie, and he was significant!...distantly followed by jack canfield, stephen covey, and napoleon hill, (all of which deserve honorable mention :)
  • 'The Mind of God' by Paul Davies!
  • Charles Schultz. Everything I know I've learned reading the Peanuts strip
  • Maybe not the most but ....Isaac Asimov. Along with all his scifi, he authored over 250 books on many many topics; everything from science to Shakespeare to humor.
  • Irvine Welsh. I sincerely believe that the vile thoughts and actions of his characters in Trainspotting reflect the true human spirit. The book is bold and daring, and while most characters are people we would look down on, they have a good side too, and much wisdom to share. It's disturbing and not exactly told through contemporary methods, but I believe it to be a real view into the minds of most, especially since this book basically recounts his life when he was younger.
  • Wow - this is a hard question. I feel like I learn something from everything I read, and I also feel that I need to read so much more. I just got a big anthology of Ernest Hemingway and just can't wait to dig in. I think Arthur Miller is an incredible playwright who really captures the nuances in small town society. I happen to think Shakespeare is amazing. I got a lot out of both of Wally Lamb's novels. Maya Angelou is brilliant. Wow, I could go on and on. Great literature - in all its many forms - has a great deal to learn from! Especially an aspiring young writer ;)
  • Shit this is a hard one. i love reading Dan Brown, and also matt reilly is a great author as well. But i think the book i have learned the most about society would be George Orwells 1984. This guy wrote this book in 1948and hes talking about Flat Screen TVs, About how everyone talks and writes in abbreviations, it is soo similare at what we see nowadays, more than 50 years later.
  • John Grisham
  • John Steinbeck..he is my favorite author. I learned the joys of appreciating simple things..a simple his earlier works like Tortilla Flat,Cannery Row, The Long Valley, Sweet Thursday. There is also the "heavy" stuff like East of Eden,Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath. My favorite piece of classical music is the 1812 Overture..because it is like a tapestry containing many many different too is his body of work like a tapestry to me! :)

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