• any kind of vegetable skins and then the trash, or stuffing something.....LOL
  • I use them for when scooping the cat box.
  • I place the fireplace ahes in them. I also use them to tie together my plastic bottles that I use to go get vending water. And with it being so cold and rainy I have been covering up the plants outside with them as well to help protect them.
  • If you have a yard sale (or if your local church or favorite charity has one), use them to bag up buyers' purchases. I keep one or two in my car for trash, too.
  • taking your lunch to work???? killing people is another
  • I use them as filling for things to stuff (pets love crinkly stuffed animals) (the holiday garbage bags you fill with leaves and display) and the like.
  • Decorative painting.
  • My neighbors use them for a "pooper scooper" when they're walking their dogs.
  • You can crochet with them, I saw a booth at the local fair with nothing but items made in this manner. here is a link with instructions. Notice that when it opens you should scroll left to right instead of up and down.
  • Wrapping up food to put in freezer
  • I use them to line my son's nappy bin for his dirty nappies.
  • We use them in the bathroom trash can. They'll also work in other small trash cans. We also use them for trash bags in the car, scooping the litter, carrying a batch of small things somewhere (not in the house, but to work, friends', relatives', etc.) They could also be used for "torn-towel rags", "torn-t-shirt rags", etc., various wires/cables for storage, etc. Be sure to ONLY use the ones that don't have holes in them. And that unrefrigerated stuff's been put in. If they're wet when you stuff them into a single bag, they tend to get mildewy and stink.
  • One time, after school, it was raining and I didnt have an umbrella, but I did have my plastic bag in which I carried my lunch that day in so I put that over my head. LOL! My friend didn't have an umbrella either so we stretched the plastic bag a bit to accommodate both our heads. Oh and lunch bags.
  • I take my lunch to work in them. Then I save them to put customer purchases in when it is raining. (I work in a production environment)
  • I don't know about the plastics, but the paper bags are good to put over the heads of the one-night-stands that you're not too proud of. >:)
  • If I have a lot, I use the extra ones to stuff my dress shoes, to keep their shape. They're better than newspaper because they are more resilient, and I only need a couple. I also use them when we go to the river in the summer, to catch little fish and bring them home live.
  • Grocery store plastic bags are good to put your lunch in, pack shoes in suit cases, store paint brushes and etc.
  • Garbage to fill up the garbage bag in your garbage can...
  • I will sometimes store loose things in them if I don't have a box handy. When I'm painting or doing some other kind of maintenance I will use them to cover small things to protect them from paint or dust. I also cover things in storage with them to keep dust off. I also sometimes use them as protective stuffing around breakable things stored in a box.
  • Reuse them for future shopping

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