• well kinda...but not really...i mean i let the "s" word go and that was not a fun story....(im a goody goody that nobody likes..jk:) so i choose not to swear, but i wouldnt get soap in my mouth or anything like that if i did-i no that was way to long of an answer for anybody's just really bored and feel like typing:]
  • Well, I'm the only one here, so, yeah! ;-)
  • There is no such thing as bad language
  • Not by my 3 children, but I may let one slip once in a while!
  • I live alone my husband did not use bad language and neither does anyone that visits my house. I would not be very happy if they did . It is impolite and unnecessary. There is a time and a place for everything.
  • Yes its allowed, there is only my husband and myself here. But just because it is allowed doesn't mean it gets used.
  • No way, be civil or leave.
  • I don't usually say them, and most of my friends respect me enough to at least attempt to refrain from using them in my house, but some do use those words and that's their choice. I used to cuss like a sailor when I was one, I just choose not to now. I see cuss words as a form of laziness really for people with a limited vocabulary and imagination. You can thoroughly cuss somebody up one side and down the other without ever using cuss word.
  • No, cursing is socially offensive and strongly impolite.

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