• Another way some m.....f..... found to waist their time on. But not so surprising some people take all that crap seriously.
  • An IQ test accurately measures your ability to write IQ tests, nothing else. Maybe there is some relationship between your ability to write tests and your intelligence. Of course, there is no real way to PROVE such a relationship. Like many things in life, the IQ test has become a game where people try to see if they can get a "high score". How many IQ points can I get? If a person clicks on one of those IQ tests, it's pretty much proof that they're stupid. They should take that into account in the test itself.
  • I agree...everytime I sign into something I get these popups for IQ tests...I guess I'll have to adjust my firewall or something...
  • Yeah, they want you to click on it, so you do. You answer a few q's and then it says it needs your email address, street name, mailng adress...Why would you give them this? So I agree+
  • Who knows? Those things are such a rip off anyway. They all want you to buy something just to get your results of a shitty online test.
  • Yeah, "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" even found its way to me, in real life on Christmas, under the form of a board game.
  • All I can guess is this... - If you click on it, youre a damn idiot...- Maybe they want to know if we are stupid? ☺
  • ASS? ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫. You just have to do a little dancey poo!!!!!

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