• if we could youd get Plenty hunny!! :D
  • Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
  • I have been giving points to my friends since I got my first friend. Where does it say that I can't up-rate my friends as much as I want as long as I can still up-rate them? I often up-rate people 150 points each time I postitrollie someone. Never gotten into trouble for it. The reason we can't rate a single member more than 25 times in a seven day span is for this reason of not point gaming. I have yet to see a rule where I can not do this.
  • There's nothing to stop you from going back through anyone's answers and giving points to answers you've missed. I just did it to you. Just go into their profile, under "his/her points" and click on their underlined number of answers. You now have access to every answer they have made. It works for questions too. Merry Christmas my friend !! :)
  • I see you have been playing Santa today. Love you brother and Merry Christmas.
  • LOL - I suddenly had images of little red and green AB gift bags! Cute!! :) Ok, ok ... not possible as we speak. So holiday visits to Profile pages and drive-by points will have to do the trick. :)
  • Merry Christmas! I think that special holiday "gift" points are a great idea. Maybe AB could give everybody a batch of points to give out at Christmas time.
  • Yeah that would be great. What you've been doing with the "Christmas points" works too. Thanks.:) I tried to return the favor but you've been so busy you don't have anything but "comments" on your profile page. HA! You GO man!
  • That's a nice idea, +100 for you in my heart.
  • I dont need a holiday to hand out 100 points. I do it every week for a few members here, if I have the extra 5 or 10 minutes, I will pick someone and give em a ton of points. I cant do it for everyone, I dont have the patience, or the time, but, I think I do a pretty good job at giving points out. Sometimes, its people Ive never even spoke with before. Like today, I got an answer from a new member regarding astrophotography, it was a good answer. I took a look, and it turns out, this guy has been giving kick ass answers in the space and astronomy section mainly, for a few weeks now. You bet your ass he got a ton of points from me! ☺
  • I Know you have been pretty busy giving out points. I am sure you are probably going to be seeing a few messages about spreading them around. You can give each friend 25 ratings in a week. it is annoying when you run out for people that ask a lot of good questions.

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