• I would never hate my siblings. I love my sister, even though we are not terribly "close."
  • i hate them all except my brothers,grandmother and girlfriend
  • I really do love my sister, she can be quite the little B*** sometimes, and I hate the way she treats me, but I do love her, I have to, she's my sister.
  • I adore my siblings.
  • I have a sister and two yonger brothers and we have always been very close. It is because our mother is an alcholic I think but yes I LOVE them
  • No I get on very well with my 3 sisters and my Brother too when he is sober. When he has been drinking I just avoid him.He becomes too emotional
  • i love my brother he's my best friend i know i can tell him anything
  • I love my siblings.
  • I do not hate them we just cannot relate.
  • Yes. . . . both
  • I do love all of my sibling although I do think they are overly spoiled, and take advantage of my parents. I'm not sure if they love me though at times because I like to tell them how I think about things which they don't agree with.
  • I love them. I have a sister I grew up with and have known my whole life and I have a brother that I found in the 10th grade. I was adopted when I was born and he is my biological brother. It's funny, we grew up in completely different environments and he had a pretty rough time of it, but we're an awful lot alike. Sometimes too much so.
  • There were some tense times when we were kids, but as I get older, I love and respect my siblings more with each passing day. Ditto for my parents.
  • I have 6 sisters and a twin brother.I love my brother and my youngest sister.I HATE my other 5 sisters for a very good reason.It's a challenge for any parent that is raising 7 kid's and trying to put a roof over there head.Buying clothes,food,etc.My parents did the best they could,They provided everything parents are supposed to.There's a 10 yr age gap from the 2 youngest girls.Now since my youngest sister is the only child that lives at home.My parents don't have to pinch pennies anymore and my sister is spoiled in the material things that young girls want and gets them.and respects the things she has.My sisters by the way are married with kids.Throw it in my parents face that it's not fair that they didn't get stuff like that when they were her age.2 of my sister's don't talk to my parents over it.It's blown way out of proportion.I'm glad my parents finally get to spoil one of there kids.They deserve it.
  • I love all of my siblings. I wouldn't hang out with them like we were friends though, because are personalities clash.
  • When my father died my sisters did not like the way i was taking care of the family's estate so they harassed me. i gave them many chances to retract there actions but they never saw the opertunities I gave them. So I expelled them from my life and have not spoken for ten years, the instigator in the issue was allways a trouble maker- every family tends to have one but my dad kept her in-line but when he died she became intolarable. To make my point i had to lump all the good ones with her and apparently no one comunicates because they keep bugging me with letters.
  • i do LOVE/HATE my sibling, my family isn't that bad when it's a good day, when it's a bad one, it a whole different story!!!
  • I love my sister so much.
  • i love my sisters! they're all quite odd and none of us are really alike at all. each of them is unique and wonderful and fun.
  • i love them...but i dont understand them
  • I love them all....sister 24, brother 21, and sister 12....they are all wonderful people....really they are all my best friends too.
  • I LOVE my siblings. I don't always like them, but I always love them!
  • I love them..
  • Well, I certainly don't hate any of them. Yes, of course I love them. It's sad when people don't love their family members. Your family should be a very important part of your life. Well, that's my opinion anyway.
  • 2-27-2017 My family is like living in a bus station: familiar faces come and go but there is no distinction between friends or relatives, and we don't seek one another's company.
  • Deep down love them. Mostly get along as best as I can.

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