• it either looks like a boy or girl... go with your first impression or the number plate letters might be similar to a name... some people call their cars for the colour, nana had a green car so it was a boy, Kermet, my car was a little red hatch, so my friend named her Scarlet :)
  • How does it act? I've determined my car is female. Laila has never done me wrong, and as long as I baby her and take care of her, she loves me back. She's never broken down, and has been through no fewer than ten road trips now. She's wonderful. She also seems to have pms. Impossible to describe. She likes me driving better than my husband. She can't stand my roommate's husband driving her. For some reason, she won't turn up the ac when he drives, instead basically only blowing air. (I'm really not joking about this, actually. I truly haven't figured this one out yet.) She rather my roommate doesn't drive. My husband's car is male. His previous car was female. Yes. I'm a little crazy, but I have fun, and I love my car, and my obsession means I take care of my car. And yes, my car's name is Laila.
  • You choose what you want it to be. Alot of cars have girl names. Just what Ive seen. Depends if you prefer a guys name or a girls name.
  • Crash it into a rock. If it explodes, its male. If it starts to cry, its female. :) Thats what I did.
  • ford f-350 dually, male ford mustang convertible, transgender Honda piolet - female
  • depends on what car it is... if it is a sedan, its a woman named babe as in "come on babe don't fail me now"... if it is a truck it's a woman, called babe as in "whoa babe, i didn't think you could pull that"... if it is a sports car, it's a woman named babe as in "whoa babe thats fast." if it is a mini van, it's a woman named oh i think you get the picture...
  • The dashboard of my car is shaped rather funny, right in front of my steering wheel it is shaped something like this ( ) ( ). I am pretty sure my car is a girl.
  • Drive it around for will come to you. A car is like a have to get to know it's personality before you give it a proper name. I named my car after myself. (and indirectly, Bernadette Peters...who is awesome by the way...) I've been told this is three quarters pompous and one quarter crazy...but it suits her.
  • Gee, it just kind of speaks to you and you know. I've had boy and girl cars, and never had to look under the hood to see what they were.
  • And to think how much we're paying for public education these daze! [sigh] If you weren't paying attention in driver's ed. the day they pointed out where to look, dear, you'll just have t're-take the course!
  • Look under the rear bumper?! ;-)
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 02
  • I will need to know the make/model of your car :) Here are some general guidelines though: First of all, anything under a V6 is not male. Hemi is usually male. VW cars are usually female. That's all I can remember right now :( lol
  • Well, according to the lore in my area, it's a female if it's an automatic and it's a male if it's a stick shift. <*blushing*>
  • a rounder car like a dodge neon i would consider a female because of its curvy appearance. A more angular car like a ford flex i would consider a male but i guess it would depend on other things like the way it handle and its accelerating capabilities and things like that.
  • 2-5-2017 You flip them over and look between the rear wheels. You have to hold them with both hands so they don't kick you.
  • Depend on your car colour, model or look.

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