• Sometimes they can be uncomfortable behind the ears or they slide doe the nose, but these are minor compared with the thought of sticking myself in the eye with a piece of plastic.
  • I tend to loose them.
  • Loosing or missplacing them, having them fog up, getting rain specks on them, having to adjust the ear pieces on them, having them slip down your nose, hurting the tops of your ears, adjusting them to tight, having a lense pop out, having the frame brake and no place to get them fixed right then.
  • I hate wearing them when it's raining !! no way to get rid of rain drops on the glasses!!!
  • They fog up in really cold weather.
  • They get dirty yo...
  • I hate forgetting them
  • I can't stand having the slightest smudge on my glasses, it really hurts my eyes, so I am CONSTANTLY cleaning them!! Drives me insane!
  • My total dependence on them just to function. Second to that would be the times when they have gotten knocked off and I had to crawl around and feel for them because I couldn't see them.
  • i look alot like anouther girl at my school. its kinda creepy
  • I hate it when I'm drinking a hot drink and they fog all up! Also .. when I'm sitting comfy on a sofa watching a dvd, I can't rest my head sideways on anything, because of the specs! Can't get used to them I guess ..
  • Needing them in the first place. It's a bother to realize you can't see something and I have to find them and put them on. And then if I take them off I can't se as well as I had been.
  • I hate wearing them because they tend to make you look ugly.
  • i hate that o forget them every time i get in the car ( which is really the only time i need them) and that when i wear a head band it is uncomfortable =
  • If it's hot out and you're sweating, they fall off if you look down.
  • They get in my way, and I just don't like how I look with them on.
  • The fog on cold days,cleaning it,looking ungly without it,feel like its attached to your face,you cant swim with or with out them,you wont look good in photoes with or without them,the flash of the camera on them,on rainy days they become wet,you cant wear sunglasses,you need them,if suddently something hits your face youre done,on school children make fun of you saying things like that 4eyed girl,when you change them you feel uncomfortable for about a week...
  • Those darn screws that hold the frame together so the lenses don't fall out. Mine always loosen up and need to be checked on a regular basis. On the plus side, they've saved my eyes more than once while landscaping and finding a yellow jacket or hornets nest.
  • when i forget i'm wearing them and walk into the shower with them on
  • who said i wear some:P... maybee sunglasses :P
  • When i lose them, I can't find them without them.
  • They get scummy.
  • Couple of things. When you need them you can't find them. When you turn your head and the frame hits something it hurts your nose. When they are dirty you can't see well and people look at you like, "How the heck can he see anything through those dirty lenses?" When they slide down your nose they become out of focus and aren't much better than not having them at all. But, I think the worst is the sore spots on the tops of your ears and the sides of your nose when they are not adjusted properly.
  • Easily broken if I were to be in a fight, putting me at a severe disadvantage. And expensive as hell to replace.
  • They make you look like a geek, and women don't like geeks. I get better reception when I wear contacts.
  • The ONLY thing i hate about them is that they lock the eyes in the same weak state that they are designed to correct. Take my advise and through them away. If you dint believe me, search for the Bates Method.
  • The only thing i have is the fact that i shouldn't need them. But because of years sent working behind a computer screen i now need them to see distance (aka driving). I make sure i don't wear them any other time though because you can end up getting too used to them and not being able to see without them.

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