• It is mirtazapine. "Mirtazapine is marketed under the tradenames Remeron® in the U.S., Canada, Finland and Switzerland, Avanza® and Axit® in Australia, Zispin® in the UK & Ireland, Norset® in France, Remergon® in Belgium, Remergil® in Germany, Mirtabene® in Austria, Mirtaz® in India and Srilanka, Rexer® in Spain and Promyrtil in Chile. "Mirtazapine is primarily used to treat the symptoms of mild to severe depression." I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. These are the sources of my findings: DO NOT take the pill if you are unsure about what it is or if a doctor has not prescribed in for you.
  • If it's a sleeping pill then it must be very tired. Try it.

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