• You are not a troll.
  • We will shoot you in the head! Erm. Anyway :) Aha. Check you, you troll. Who's saying this then?
  • 95% ratings. you are not a troll. who told you this. but since we are having fun with this question, I have some fresh new troll spray and duct tape.. we will figure something out
  • Can we tar and feather you, the we can put you under a bridge? I have always wanted to do that.
  • Well, I don't see a problem!
  • I don't think there is any reason that you would be called a least not an AB troll. 95% ratings given is nothing, and I don't know what you said, but I don't think you were trolling anyone... Actually, I just don't want you to steal any of my thunder. Get away from my thunder!
  • If I see a local, friendly neighborhood CL, I will share this funny statement ;-p
  • ummm, i am totally lost!!!! Why are you a troll? where are you going? and ive read some really off the wall shit on AB, so how can anyone not be worthy?
  • Do you FEEL like a troll? : )
  • We can't get rid of you if your rating is 95%. Get to work lol! Of course people have different definitions of trolls, even on here, so it might be that you pissed someone off, I didn't bother to try and find the source behind this, but no worries, I have seen a lot of your activity, and from what I can see you're level headed and intelligent, so chances are, someone didn't know how else to accept their own ownage. XD Or, if it has nothing to do with that, and just some rumours, 'ack it. :D
  • there are two kinds of trolls. nega trolls and posi trolls. the neggers leave downrates for no reason. the posies leave uprates for no reason. the posi-troll can leave twenty five sets of plus points with each player during a seven day period. the nega troll should be able to leave twenty five nega points with a single player and still be in the legal limit of nega trolling. I am not sure about the limit for nega trolling. it shouldnt be a problem if one nega trolls with consistancy and randomness. . If you are a really bad nega troll, the AB moderators will nuke your account and spot your internet location and not allow any new members from that location to gain entry on this site. . the really bad trolls cause fights and call people names and instigate bad attitudes. they get sent to the brig, for an extended stay. good luck.
  • Ok, I SO have to see this to direct me? (curiosity killed the kitty, and all that...) Nah, you're not a troll...even though I'm new here, I can pretty much figure that one out.
  • Rope, duct tape, and a pair of cement shoes. What size are you again???
  • We don't have to get rid of you, you just have to learn to use your troll powers for good instead of evil!
  • Some people need to get over themselves.

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