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  • My personal opinion is that if someone cheats the relationship is OVER.
  • Walk away... things aren't going to get better.
  • It is your fault!!! so the name of the game is fair & square.
  • if you loved him you wouldnt have cheated
  • Walk away, its tainted love ;0)
  • No, that's just stupid game playing. Obviously, there were already problems. Just cut your losses and walk away.
  • i'm sorry to say it .... but if he LOVED you. he would NEVER treat you like that..
  • You opened the door to this..unfortunately. It probably won't work out too well since although he's taken you back, he feels that he deserves to act this way as a way of paying you back for what you did. Just end it. It's hard not to blame him for acting this way. How would you feel if you were the person that was cheated on, you know?
  • Walk away because he may never forgive you. Or deal with it and fight for him.
  • There is no relationship without trust. He can't trust you anymore. That's pretty sad. Learn from this and treat your next relationship as though it's worth keeping.
  • If he loves you and wants to work it out, he should forgive you and move on. Then you can work on rebuilding trust. Playing "you did it so I should do it too" is very childish and will result in a break-up, now or in the future. Tell him that. If he stills refuses to put honest effort into it, you need to move on.
  • ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT....It will never let you down...
  • I don't think he should have tolerated your cheating.
  • Well he acceped you back, but it doesnt sound like he forgave you! I think some men have an idea they have a free pass when they've been cheated on. Guess i cant blame him for thinking it would be fair to cross the line a little, although this wouldnt make for a long term relationship. Obviously he was hurt by this, so maybe he wants you to see how it would feel like. If you really love him, stand behind him and let him do his thing for just a little while. This may help him feel a little better and he probably will eventually stop it. If after a long period and he has become worse, then walk....
  • It is easy to see why he is feels that way as he wants a 'getback' at you for your actions. Unfortunately this kind of vengeful feelings does not really stop. Before a relationship starts, you and him were friends. Friendship is based on mutual respect, trust, understanding, patience and wanting the best for him/her. Then from friends, you two has a relationship. A relationship is based on the same elements want to GIVE the best TO him/her; which we commonly call Love. You made the mistake of cheating; which destroys his trust for you. And when he accepted you back, he may be doing based on the wrong reasons. He needs to know he is not doing you a favour by taking you back. He has a choice, to CHOOSE to forgive and slowly let this pass; OR choose to let go. It is only fair you accept his choice. His wanting to spend time and flirt with other girls is his way to make you 'pay' for what you did. You can tell him honestly how you feel; that you love him and that you are sorry for the hurt you caused him. And share with him what your thoughts are on his decision. Chances are he might behave like he is justified in his decision but inside him, he will have a serious thought over things after you open up how you feel towards the whole situation. Relationships are never easy, even after marriage. We all learn along the way. But I really hope you dun ruin a relationship with someone you love by doing something silly again. Good luck.
  • You say he's accepted you back. Yet, he thinks it's only fair that he can 'spend time and flirt with other girls behind your back". This is, quite frankly, bullsh*t. The time for that was while the two of your were no longer a couple. If he is truely wanting to do those things 'behind your back', then he NEVER REALLY ACCEPTED YOU BACK. Couples do not intentionally do these things to each other, as you found out when YOU cheated. Whether you love him or not, if the circumstances are as you've described then you really need to split and move on. This is the price of such folly.
  • Granted what you did was wrong, but two wrongs don't make a right. He accepted you back but he has yet to forgive and forget looks like He is being foolish sounds like I would walk away......if it was me, granted what you did was wrong, and you have realized this and probably learned a lesson from it. but sounds like he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Just doesn't make it right...and to me, sounds nothing like love
  • Unless you're exaggerating his behavior:  you should RUN, not walk.   No1: cheating on him proves you had/have a major issue with "loving" him.   No2: this behavior proves you are by no means "forgiven", don't fool yourself. If you love him: make sure he understands exactly how much this hurts you. If he loves you: hearing those words will hurt him enough to stop such behavior.
  • Tolerate it definitely.
  • You cheated on him, he's getting even and you can't stand it. My, my, my, how very self-righteous!
  • First of all... just because u cheated doesnt give him the right to get revenge by trying to cheat. It will turn into a bad cycle. Talk to him about it and both agree that it all was a mistake and that neither one of u wanna hurt each others feelings
  • It sounds like he is trying to blackmail you for what happened. Give this whole situation some serious thought. Is the guy you cheated with "available"? Sounds like it would be better to go back with him instead of having your boyfriend take you back while giving himself "carte blanche" to do whatever he wants. Learn from your error and don't let it drag you down into depression.
  • I think you need to seperate for a while so you both can figure out what needs to be done and what you both want. This is what I did when my husband cheated on me, I needed time to heal and figure out if I really wanted him back. Now that we have been seperated for a while its time to get back together. I never dated anyone while we were seperated, I needed time for myself and I think the both of you do too.
  • When he took you back it should have been without conditions. What you did opened up a door that perhaps he always wanted open. Talk to him before you decide anything. Be open and Honest!
  • You absolutely should not tolerate it. This is why. Humans have sex, we are animals, we reproduce. Therefore have a strong urge to FUCK. Sometimes even the most faithful of people can cheat on someone and have it actually be a mistake. But when he says that it is only fair that he gets to fool around back on you, that means he is pre meditating what he does and that is not a mistake. They call it revenge, and that is something that should never be allowed in a relationship of any kind in witch people love each other. If you allow it to happen it will breakdown the foundation of your relationship and ruin it for good. I would suggest talking to him honestly about what happened and maybe he will understand you and love you for what is good and what is bad anyway i hope that helps
  • Wow, I feel the same way as your bf in my relationship. I want SO bad to "get even" because it would be fair. I think it's my way to balance the situation. Just know that he's hurt and is trying to make himself feel better, and that he's only hurt because he cares about you so much.
  • This does not sound like either of you really cares for the other. I think you should split and go on with your lives. If it's really meant to be, something will happen down the road.
  • He's hurt. This too will hopefully pass. Hopefully he's just flirting and that's it.
  • Well alot believe in the ol` "what's good for the goose is good for the gander " But I think it will only make it worse ,,,,

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