• Going over a cliff/very deep drop in a very small car (60 feet down).
  • I cut part of my finger off in 6th grade. Horrifying.
  • my high school girl friend missed her period.
  • 10th grade I impaled my throat on a rebar stake while running through somebodys yard at night. I was stuck on it and had to pull myself off.
  • After I went out to dinner with my mom, she went outside to get the car. I ran outside to meet her and hopped in the wrong car. The guy looked like he was about to kill me!!!!! I was so scared...
  • I got caught up with a motorcycle group (don't want to say which one) And somebody pulled out a gun and shot it - I hid behind a chair - no one was hurt - This was years ago -- Loooooooong ago
  • A car accident. I was a passenger.
  • Lots. Different car accidents. VERY scary..
  • a few. one that i can recall right now is being locked inside a staircase. the door on each floor wouldn't open. i had no cell phone in my hand to call anyone. On one flight of stairs i stood by the door and kept shouting; banging really hard on the door. after like 1 hr (which seemed like forever), thank God someone was close enough to open it. This staircase was for emergency use only. i don't know how i managed to mistakenly take these stairs. this was at work long time ago.
  • When the doctor's were somewhat frantically 'working' on my first infant daughter, and giving her oxygen shortly after her birth. I was stuck on my back receiving oxygen while they stitched me up, so I couldn't find out anything, and they wouldn't let my husband close enough to hear what they were saying. Later, we found out that she had breathing trouble and a heart murmur. Thankfully, within minutes her breathing was fine and the heart valve closed within 24 hours without surgery.
  • a job interview a few years back. it shouldn't have been that scary, but the people in the panel were intimidating and i had a bit of social anxiety at the time. also, my 2nd car wreck. i wasn't driving, but was awake and watched as we hit black ice, slid, the driver slammed on the brakes (without ABS). then, we did a 180 and slid off the highway into a ditch, which caused the car to roll and shattered the driver's side window. we were in the middle of nowhere, in the snow, and a trucker pulled over and asked if we wanted to warm up in his cab. my friend wanted to do it, but even at 16, i knew better.
  • i was in a car accident when i was 7 years old. i was asleep in the backseat with my head agaisnt the left door. then a drunk driver hit us hard from behind on the left side. i had major head injuries. i was in ICU for 11 days. the doctors told my parents i might not be able to walk , talk, or remember who my parents were. after a month in the hospital, i was wheelchaired to the front door of the hospital and walked to the car.
  • Probably when I was watching this, haha...
  • I was going to get my son from karate practice & I passed a car in front of me, I seen this lil girl come up behind me pretty fast, anyway when I got past the car she came around me. At the time I was going about 75 to pass the car & she came around me like I was holding still. When I got a lil further around the curve I seen her jeep lose control & lunge over a cliff. Bless her heart she was still alive when I got to her but she passed away on her way to the hospitol. She was 16
  • A man with his pants around his knees, banging on the window of my apartment and yelling at me...."Do you want some of this"....very, very creepy.
  • A woman ran out in front of my car on the highway. I was driving 65 mph, on my way to the airport that day. I swerved to try to miss her, luckily no cars were following close behind me. My car went into a spin and I ended up in the median. My rear bumper grazed her hip, but otherwise she was physically okay, but mentally I don't think so. She told the paramedics that she wanted to die.
  • a near fatal heart attack

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