• I give points out freely. The more points you give out, the happier others will be. The happier others are, the more likely they are to give you points. What comes around goes around.
  • I'll give them the points to show my appreciation.
  • I do the same thing Katie. I ask a question, they answer helpfully or with their opinion, they get my vote.
  • If people just attempt to answer my questions I usually give them points.
  • I do the same as well, if you take the time to answer my question, points are the thank-you. I reckon it can't hurt, although, I am thinking about it more now that i can give 4 points for an answer.
  • I give points to everyone that answers my questions unless theyre offensive or they make no sense.
  • If someone takes the time to read, consider, and then answer the question I will usually rate them up on that reasoning alone. I will also make a comment and thank them for their time. I just think it's the courteous thing to do.
  • If they make an effort to answer and it is vaguely helpful, then they will get some points from me. I also give out points for good jokes... I make a lot of semi-serious answers myself which aren't very helpful, and don't seem to get marked down for them too often, so I return the favour where possible. Nobody is ever as funny as me though.
  • points should be awarded every time you appreciate the answer. it may be humorous or sincere, but there is nothing wrong with rewarding someone for taking time to answer.
  • I'd say it's fairly common. That's what I do.
  • hey as long as i like the answer i give it some ++'s and if it's stupid i go to the next one and if it's offensive and has no logic or necessity whatsoever then and only then shall i resort to DR's
  • i even give points to the stupid answers-and tell them so-maybe they can learn something that way----you have a good practice going and think it will reward you here-smile and enjoy the night
  • I give points to all but I don't always give equally.
  • I give points to all who took the time to answer my questions.
  • a stupid answer may bring some laughter to another person who was otherwise having a bad try not to think of it as an insignificant answer. in the meantime,continue to give points and DON'T ever forget to give a comment and say thank you. i have seen many AB'ers just respond to a few answers.this to me is unprofessional.someone took the time to stop by one of your questions,the least you can do in return is to spend a few seconds on them in return.
  • i used to only rate the good answers. then, i would partially rate, and give the good answers the highest i could. then i just said f*** it, and gave all answers the highest rating - that way other people could decide. also, it's only fair. if it answered the question then i consider it helpful, unless it was some nonsense answer, of course.
  • I try as hard as I can to do that. I only reward educational and well thought out answers. I reward any "yes" or "no"s with only a 1 or 2 since they are simple. Any ridiculous answers, forget it.
  • I'm a generous point offerer.Except indecent answers I freely gave them....
  • I think it is a fair practice - I do the same too - unless someone has given a ridiculous answer, or an offensive one. After all, you have asked a question for one of two reasons - either because you really want to know the answer (in which case, it makes sense to reward people for taking the time to answer) or because you want to build up points (in which case, why not encourage others to give you points by giving them points too) Can one ever be too rewarding?
  • Well i think that you should lay an egg. just one mans opinion u fartbag.Yes this is a test:)
  • That's what I do and it seems many other ABers do the same. But, there are those that will answer a perfectly good question and give no points.

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