• Yes, I can completely relate to that.
  • Yes, it makes all the sense in the world to me. Your mother is always your mother no matter what. Everyone loves their mother. Coping with the character and the implications of this role is an entirely different story. A lot more could be said, but it varies by individual, anyway.
  • well yer, you dotn chose who you love if it is family.. but you can completely hate who that person is and not agree with how they do things at all.
  • I can understand this. I think the person is saying they love their mother because it is expected of them but they dislike the way the mother acts, speaks, treats them, etc...
  • Yes, but in my case, I would replace "mother" with "father" ...
  • Makes sense to me. My mom has told me since I was little, and still does to this day, "You're my daughter, I will ALWAYS love you...but I don't always have to like you!"
  • Yes it does. Actually, the person that issued that statement is a much better person that you give them credit for. Extrapolating a lot, of course, it appears that the person in question is less than desirable but they still accept them as a parent in spite of their shortcomings. Not everybody is able to make that separation of parent and person
  • that makes perfect sense. you're not always gonna like someone, in fact, sometimes you'll think they're a !@#$. but if it's your mom, you can't help but love them because they gave you life & raised you.
  • yeah it just means that the only reason you love them is because they are your mother.
  • very very much
  • no, its normal love her because she gave birth to you and thats your and respect go hand in hand ...obviously she did not EARN yours..... love her, but disliked/ hated ,her ROLE PLAY/WAYS, as a MOM....
  • Yes, it makes perfect sense.
  • Not really, it just shows evidence of brainwashing, because people are told they MUST love/honor their mother and father. So they're in a quandry when mom or dad is an abusive alcoholic or something like that. They should just be able to say "though you're my mother, I dislike you for the bad things you've done."
  • Sure, it's a twist on the old - love the sinner, hate the sin adage. +5
  • It makes perfect sense to me. You can love someone but you can dislike/hate them for their actions or certain behaviors.
  • Really sweet! Like a stab straight through a mother's heart. You should be proud of yourself. Little twerp.
  • Yes it makes complete sense. Example. I love you because you are my Mother and so family. but I dislike they way you behave in many situations.
  • Makes since to me. I love my mom because she gave birth to me, but hate the way that she raised me.
  • Perfect sense, I feel the same way about my Mother.
  • Everyone has a mother and that speaks for itself. Some mothers are better mothers than other mothers. Some mothers turn out to be less than expected from their children. example: a mother turned drug addict. I hope this answers your question.
  • Sounds more like I'm talking about my wife.

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