• Cheeseburgers also contain a lot of fat, which is not good for you. Chicken and fish also provide protein, but are much leaner.
  • Most people in North America consume so much protein that they suffer significant kidney damage by the time they're 60. Something of which you may not be aware is that protein in the body longer than 24 hours turns to carbohydrate, so that big cheeseburger is the equivalent of a three or four Snickers bars worth of sugar dumped into your bloodstream a day later. You need very small amounts of protein, and vegetable matter provides all the protein you need, even for very strenuous activity. The myth that you need meat to bulk up is just that, a myth. There are vegan weightlifters, and they have no difficulty getting their protein, even without meat, egg, or dairy. The body is quite capable of manufacturing all the complex proteins it needs from simpler plant proteins. The notion of "protein matching" was debunked decades ago.
  • Every day is not a good idea, Anonymous. There is a lot of fat in cheeseburgers that you don't need much of. I love them, but I ration myself. Twice a week is OK. And eat lots of veggies and fruit and other protein foods like fish and poultry. You can even get lots of protein from many veggies, like the legumes (beans and peas).

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